Discontinued Cadenas....and the world of eBay

  1. So, a while ago I bought my Trim a Heart cadena and she's been happily wearing it ever since. Then the other day I bought a gold Pegasus for Noisette Kelly. NOW I feel the need to adorn ALL my bags with a special lock......the problem is, some of the cadena's I like are no longer available in the stores. :oh:

    This leaves.......(dare I say it).....eBay :s

    Since I'm a little in the dark about the actual cost of some of these babies I'm wondering where to go price-wise when I bid. Does anyone know a ballpark figure on what a discontinued, you-just-ain't-gonna-find-it-in-any-store-on-the-planet, cadena should go for in the secondary market? Any rule of thumb I should know before I cast it all to the wind and go for broke on these things???? :shrugs:
  2. D, some of those discontinued charms are marked twice the retail value. It all boils down to how badly you want it.
  3. Sad, but true! When I see some of the prices I just can't believe it.

    If Hermes introduces one I truly love from now on, I will definitely grab it.
  4. why are the locks called cadena??
    cadena means chain in spanish...
  5. D, the one I want (shooting star) goes for about $400 on ebay!!! :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  6. Maybe members can state the ones they are looking for and we can keep an eye out for one another. Just a thought.
  7. How do you pronounce "cadena" by the way? I pronounced it one way, and my SA subtly corrected me by pronoucing it another way (although not directly correcting me).
  8. I paid US$290.00 for the Pegasus charm on eBay. Did I overpay?!:shame:
  9. I was looking at one the other day for Caramel Chevre and the dang was $500.00 bucks BIN without the option for bidding! Yowza......

  10. Not really, LV.....I just bought one from the store and it was a tad bit less but not by much. Love that flying horse!!!
  11. Thank you Shopmom!!!:flowers: I feel much better! But now that I think about it, where do I put one on the JPG?!:confused1: Or should I just wear it as a necklace?
  12. Because the strap guides are so much thicker and bulkier than the normal strap guides and that they are completely closed up, the only place you can hang your cadena is through the hole on the turnkey itself.
  13. Thank you, mrssparkles!:flowers: Appreciate it!
  14. Wearing it as a necklace is a real cool idea too! I checked out the leather chokers that can hold a cadena today, and there are 3 options that were shown to me. I could not decide and so hadn't bought any. But I can say they are very affordable.
  15. LV_Addict.........how 'bout hanging it from the loop of the leather clochette? I did that with mine on the Noisette. You can see what I'm talking about in the Members Items thread....I like it better than on the hardware at the handle somehow.....