Discontinued bags

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  1. Do u still carry the bags that you purchased years ago and are discontinued? do u think they are dated?
  2. I do and i love them still
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  3. Yes and I don't follow what's in or out with fashion. Could care less what looks dated.
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  4. Dated or not dated - I still love & use the discontinued items I have.
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  5. I missed the Elipse first time around...always loved it! Took me some time but I found one in like-new condition 8 months ago and have been using nonstop! :yahoo:
    2345799097532246864322324796 (18).jpg
  6. Yes, I still use my old bags. I've sold plenty of newer bags (2018+) without an ounce of regret but I'm holding onto a lot of the older ones.
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  7. I personally think it depends on the model + style.
  8. If I still like it, I do, but my style has grown and changed throughout the years, so there are some I've moved on from too.
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    Hi there!
    I always give myself time to think about the bag I am interested in buying, before I actually make the purchase. Purses are expensive and I want to be sure I love the bag. By doing it this way, I have no regrets. Using an older bag has never been a problem. I am using it based on my personal taste and not current trends. Also, I am drawn to more classic styles, so even when the bag is outdated, it will always match the outfit. Lastly, discontinued bags are great. You will see less people using the same bag as you. I have a few of the popular models, but once in a while, it’s nice to use a purse that others are not carrying :smile:
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  10. Of course. What's old will one day be "new" again, or re-issued.
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  11. This is my strategy as well. If I'm going to spend $1,500 - $2,000 (or more) on a bag, I want to be reasonably sure I'm not going to tire of the bag/style down the road. If I'm buying a trendier bag, I try to go with contemporary brands or "no name' brands.
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  12. My Eva clutch was discontinued and I’m clueless as to why- it’s a perfect timeless versatile style. I use what I love regardless of what’s currently in style.
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  13. More than 50% of my bags are discontinued, from the actual style to the color and size combo. I've been buying pre-loved because surprisingly pieces that I missed out on the first time around became available. So I'm thrilled to have a chance to buy some of these discontinued models. So some do feel dated to me, but it's all in your head. Maybe the ones I bought may seem dated to someone else. But I'm the one carrying it so if I love it...
  14. What a find!!! This is in amazing condition, and sooooo gorgeous. OMG. Quintessential LV. :love:
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  15. I love my Eva :heart::heart::heart:
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