discontinue RITA multicolore... what shld i get then...

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  1. my SA informed me that LV will discontinue producing RITA multicolore.. i tot of buying it but, when I looked into it closely it's not for me... the bag is heavy and yet I'm petite size 2 (so skinny).. doesnt look good on me

    im think of buying 1 LV bag this year.. but I want something different... I already have
    Speed Azur 30
    Elipse sac a dos
    Epi Lockit

    I want somethg different from the above and really give impact, so I can flaunt it until someone ROLLING her eyes.. hahahhaha... thinking of having multicolore or mahina or I dont know...
    But help me which design/model that suit me... with my skinny petite size...

    any suggestion?
  2. I thought the Rita has already been discontinued?

    If you want an MC bag, what abt the Courtney? It's gorgeous! Mahina is more understated, so I don't think it'll suit what you want your bag to be!
  3. I spoke to the people at Holts LV and they said they knew nothing about any mc pieces being discontinued in the upcoming future ><
  4. I'm a loyal MC Judy fan! It's very chic and definitely gets stares! It comes in 3 sizes so maybe you can find one that suits you?
  5. speedy
  6. Love the MC speedy!
  7. I never really loved the rita... front pocket always looked weird to me.

    I agree with speedy or courtney if you want really in your face bold!
  8. I agree. Rita is very heavy even before you put your stuff into it. I just sold mine for that very reason. I'm looking at the MC Gretchen now...She's similar in shape to the Galliera...

    What would I get from your list? Speedy Azur 30