Discolored zipper on 3 month old Saleya -

  1. The zipper pull on my three month old bag is changing and is discolored. I have babied this bag so it is not something I have done to it. The zipper pull on the saleya is a large brass pull so it is pretty noticeable. Is this typical of the brass on LV? I bought it from elux. Can I take it to my local store.. will they do anything for this?:crybaby::shrugs:
  2. my brass pull isn;t discolored, but it is scratched up- and i do not beat on my bags, either. i was surprised at how quickly the brass got marked up.
  3. what do you mean by discolored, which color is it now? do you have a pic?
  4. The zipper pull on my saleya also got discolored--it almost looked foggy, like it should wipe off, but it wouldn't. My boutique sent it in for a replacement zipper. The new one has a little of the "fogginess", but not to the same degree...
  5. My saleya is about the same age and the same thing happened. I must not be too worried about it bc everytime I go to the boutique I mean to bring it, but forget.....sorry this upsets you. I would take it to the boutique and have them replace it. I'll get around to doing that myself as well someday....
  6. Is it dull like the gold plating has chipped off or is it just dull like there's a layer of grime on it? If it's the second one, I'd try shining it up with very small amount of a brass cleaner like Brasso. Otherwise, if it's the first one, take it into the store and see if they can replace the zipper for you.
  7. Mine got dull like it had condensation on it--very different from the dull it gets when the plating comes off. Strange, really.

    Nothing would take it off--the SA tried, agreed that it was weird and sent it back.
  8. When I had my saleya pm, the same discoloring thing happened to the zipper within weeks. I showed it to the SA at the boutique and she said it was from the plastic that was on there. I don't agree, because it didn't happen with any of my other zippers.
  9. It's strange that you mention the plastic, because my discoloration was only where the plastic had been. There was a distinct line where the plastic didn't cover, and that area retained the original color/shine.
  10. My denim neo spedy's pull got discolored very quickly. LV hardware is pretty crappy. I doubt the store will do anything. Their answer to everything related to hardware is that "it's normal wear and tear". I am pretty sure you can have that piece replaced but I think you will be the one paying for it. Good luck and keep us posted.:yes:
  11. The "foggy" comment pretty much describes how my zipper looks. The whole pull is not discolored... just the half closest to the bag. It almost looks like it would wipe right off, but it does not. Its not chipped at all. For a bag this old I really don't think it should be doing this (especially considering how much I paid). I may try to take it in and see what they say.
  12. Mine did the same thing.