Discolored hardware - I never thought this would happen, but it did>

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  1. I noticed today that the zipper pull and runner on my bolide bag (palladium) is discolored. Parts of it have turned yellow. I mean, like brass yellow. I was actually kind of surprised since the bag is only about a year old, and I have a couple of birkin bags with PH that are 5-6 years old, where no discoloration of hardware at all. So I called my SA to ask if this could be fixed and she said, sure bring it in. No word yet as to whether they are going to replace or replate or whatever. Either way, I assume its going to cost a bundle. Oh well. I am not worried or upset - just a little surprised that this occurred. Anyone else had this happen?
  2. None of my bags' PHW has discoloured but I am very sure discolouration can happen in humid surroundings. I'd recently asked my manager about it and she confirmed it happens.
  3. Sorry to hear that- that's so odd that your newer bag has tarnished while your older ones haven't.

  4. that is atrocious! i did have a bag with PHW turn black at the edges.......looked like classic tarnish. they wont admit it but i think they have ongoing problems with the PHW
  5. Glad to know that it is "fixable". Hope it's back soon.
  6. Oh jedimaster, what a frustration.
    Do keep us posted on what H does for your bag.
  7. If they decide that is it a quality control or manufacturing issue and not from normal use, they will replace it for nothing...
  8. i paid nothing for the closure plates and lock post to be replaced
  9. That's terrible, but I'm glad it's fixable.
  10. ...and the great thing is that with Hermes, if this happens they say..."bring it in"....with most other brands, way less expensive and non handmade, it's....."too bad!!"
  11. jedimaster, my guess is that Hermes will replace the zip for free.
  12. Here's the latest: I took it to the store. They are going to replace the zipper pull, which is where the discoloration occurred. Claude said, it happens all the time and is readily fixable. Whew.