Discolored Handles on Dentelle?

  1. Just packing things in my Dentelle Speedy, noticed the handles are a bit lighter where I hold them. Barely noticeable but just a tad, was just curious if anyone else had this too? Also, is the leather on Dentelle treated the same as Nomade? Was going for that Speedy next, wondereing if it happens on them?
  2. ^^^^
    interesting......just the opposite, the handles on colored leather become lighter, as opposed to the regular speedies who's handles get darker....strange!
  3. I have the Dentelle Kirsten and I usually carry it in my hand, as it is not as comfortable to wear it on my shoulder (although it does fit) and I have not noticed this. Perhaps bring it in to your local LV and ask them to take a look or if you ordered it from Elux call 866 and explain the issue to them. Good luck and keep us posted.
  4. That happens alot with colored leather. Although it looks awful in most cases, it's perfectly normal. I wonder if anyone else has noticed the same thing...:confused1:
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    Yeah, I guess the colour would wear off or something? It's still a bit early though IMO, unless you carry it with you everywhere including to bed...:p
  6. My nomade keepall, began to do that as well, one spot looks like an ivoryish color is underneath the top layer :confused1:
    but yes, its only on the handles where I handle it.
  7. Do you have pics?
  8. I'd like to see pics, too, please. I'm considering the Dentelle Batignolles.
  9. please take a pic of it, until now I only have seen that handles getting darker over time.
  10. You can not really see much, you can see that the gathered parts are darker than the handle. I see that someone else posted this as a problem with a Nomade bag. I am going to take it to LV and see if it can be retreated or what can be done to correct it...will post more when I find out.
  11. OK, the pic did not work because I am a twit....