Discoloration on turnlocks

  1. I went to Coach today and they had ONE natural Legacy wristlet...it is sold out online and someone had just returned one before I went in. Of course I bought it, but it has some spots on the brass turnlock plate. Is that normal? I don't see anything like that on my Ergo bag.

    Oh, and I also got the tortoise key fob! :yahoo:
  2. some of the legacy turnlocks )especially the leather) look "vintage" and the signature ones look brand spanking new!
  3. But should it have little "spots" on it? Like little dark specks? I didn't notice that on my vintage Ergo, but they are on the wristlet turnlock. If it's not a problem it doesn't bother me, but I wanted to check in case it's a defect of some kind. :shrugs:
  4. The turnlocks on my shoulderbag look vintagey - and the kiss lock at the top of my legacy french purse was made to look like someone has been opening it for years.
  5. Lol, I don't know why, but that made me laugh.

  6. I think the spots are actually how it looks "vintage".. I looked at my legacy shoulder and when i look closely it's almost like speckled with black over the bronze... it's got a sort of shine to it, too
  7. Okay, that is exactly how this one looks. I guess it is supposed to be that way. Thanks!