Discoloration on a brand new Bark Kooba

  1. I just got brand new Kooba Sloane in Bark from a Saks Off Fifth (thanks to a wonderful tip from this forum!) and it arrived in the mail today. Unfortunately the belt straps are a slightly different color than the rest of the bag. I'm wondering, has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, eventually will the entire bag become the same color? I'd appreciate any advice--I so love the color and the style!
  2. As in lighter or darker? I have a Sloane in honey and my straps are slightly different from the rest of the bag. They are a little lighter. However, it is not noticeable to anyone but me, I'm sure. It doesn't bother me either. If they are lighter or looked "dried out" maybe the bag needs some leather conditioner/cleaner?

    Glad you like the bag though. I love mine- I've never seen anyone w/ else w/ one either.
  3. Yup--its a touch lighter. Glad to hear its not just me!
  4. My Sloane is straw is the same way...wrapped straps are slightly different color. Not really noticible in my opinion. Love the bag though.
  5. My Carla is that way, the braided parts are a different color than the rest of the bag. I like it that way. It makes my bag not exactly like everyone else's.