Discoloration of this Michael Kors watch?

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  1. I really love this watch and the local jeweler offered to sell it for -50% because he got the complaint that the inside turns into light grey after a while (this means it's 90E after discount) and I was wondering if I should go for it. It's a great deal, but I wanted to see if anyone here has this watch and can tell me if it indeed shows discoloration and if it's not really disturbing when wearing. I mean, if you can't see it I guess it's not that bad, right?


    And maybe there's a way to stop it from turning into light grey?

    Thank you all in advance (other opinions are welcome too)
  2. Do you mean the face turns grey? It looks a little off white from the photo.
    Don't think there would be a way to prevent it. If you think you'll still wear it after it might turn then buy it. Otherwise it doesn't sound like a good deal for a defective watch that you won't wear long.
  3. From what I've heard the inside of the band turns light grey, but I don't know anyone that owns the watch IRL so I can't ask about it. I don't plan on wearing it while sleeping/showering/cooking and those kind of things so that might help too.
  4. I almost purchased this watch but any seller I spoke to said that they get a lot of returns bc the band gets dirty extremely easily. Apparently the band attracts dirt and its also hard to clean. I ended up getting the MK ceramic one and luv it!
  5. Is that the rubber strap one? If so it wouldn't surprise me at all that it would discolor over time. I would suggest getting a ceramic one instead, no discount is worth it if you're unhappy with the item eventually.
  6. Yes, rubber strap. I am not going for it, saw it again in the store today and made up my mind. Investing that money into something ceramic :smile:
  7. I heard the Arcylic and Ceramic get dirt too
  8. I was interested in this watch, but the SA said (firm) "No, don't get it. the strap will hold every color and piece of dirt it comes in contact with"

    I haven't experienced this with ceramic, though.
  9. My experience with ceramic is that it just gets dirty in between the links, any dirt or grime on the surfaces wipes right off.
  10. I really do not understand the hype over MK watches. I mean, they are nice, however, I like ToyWatch better. Check out the site. They have some many options and the prices are good.
  11. this is late but i posted pictures and a full review of this exact watch on my blog. my complaint is that the band turns gray and has dark gray streaks from dirt, even though i've been really careful with it not touching anything. i love the look but the dirt really sucks.
  12. that watch is cute but it'll look super old after just a few wears due to the band being rubber and white. if you like the style, get it in black instead.