Discoball Charms.

  1. VIP only? Not according to my SA.
  2. I know I saw them on elux about a week or two ago!?! :shrugs:
  3. Sometime sellers love to use word "VIP" to boost the sales..

  4. :yes::yes::yes: Not VIP
  5. Good! Thanks for clearing that up guys!
  6. I want one...does anyone know how much they are?
  7. With the price of that auction, definitely less than $375! LOL
    I'm guessing...around $325?
  8. Wow those are cute, but I'd never get one :smile:
  9. Retail for these is $270.
  10. i think they look really cheap. like you could smoosh the discoball with your fingers. meh.

  11. that is adorable! I want one!
  12. Not VIP...I got them today!! I was greedy and got both the silver and the gold. They retail for $270 each.

    Today was the official launch and I just happened to be at the store :yahoo: They only got two of each color in. I will post pics tomorrow as I am too pooped:sleepy: to find my camera!
  13. They launched today? Grr. My SA called me today to come to the store, too. I'm still waiting for other stuff though. But, this is on my list! Very cute! : )
  14. Gah. My store was incredibly boring this morning. Not a thing is new and the Groom stuff is already at the back of the store. No Inclusion, either. Ugh..I want both of these. With my luck, my store might get them in by February:rolleyes: