Disco Soho or Marmont Matelasse?

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  1. I just purchased a Disco Soho (it's still sitting in the box), but now I'm wondering if I should return it for a Marmont Matelassé? Do you think the Soho craze is over and I would be better served going straight to the Marmont?
  2. It depends on what you like, I like the Marmont style waaaaay more than the disco so I would exchange..
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  3. I think the disco is a classic tbh
    I would keep it.
  4. Are you thinking of buying the Marmont in a similar colour to the Disco?
  5. I like the roominess of the Disco, the small Marmont is about half the size. I didn't care for the shape of the large Marmont when I tried it on. I think the Disco is a better value, but I think either of them will stand the test of time because they are both classic shapes and classic designs. Also if you choose black or beige you can't go wrong, where as the red and pink are more flashy in the Marmont.
  6. I have the Marmont Large camera style bag and love it. I also have the soho disco and love it too, its smaller than the marmont that I have but can still fit so much. Its a tough choice because they are two different, very cute styles. IMO I don't think either styles can go out of style. You still see lots of people carrying the soho disco and my SA told me its still one of the best selling bags.
  7. Thanks everyone! I've decided to keep the Disco
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