Disco Relief

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  1. image.jpeg Presenting my new Disco bag in new light gray. I got it when Berdorf was having their amazing sale !
    I've been Mia for a bit due to frozen shoulder. Ugh!
    So, this bag is so perfect and gives me relief when going out. It's so versatile and will be great going into Fall.
    I'm not sure why they gave me 40% off rather than the 30% . Lucked out with a wonderful SA.
  2. #2 Jul 2, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2016
    image.jpeg image.jpeg It is such a perfect shade of gray.
    I'm really amazed how much it can hold. I can fit my larger Samsung Galaxy 3 in the bottom, and lipgloss, snack and hand lotion in the top compartment.
    At first , I thought the snaps were not working, but I got them to work.
    Now, I need another :smile:
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  3. image.jpeg Oh, I really like the changes how we can upload more than one shot from an iPad!
  4. All photos beautiful, of course, and a lovely bag, too! :smile:
  5. Thank you! I missed posting for a while:smile:
    This is by far the best designer forum of any I have been in:smile:)
  6. Congrats!! I ️your grey disco! I recently got one is Atlantic blue & I am in love with it. Looks great on you! So sorry about frozen shoulder-I know how painful that is... Be well
  7. I am not a gray bag fan but I really like this color! I actually like this bag better than the pillow or nodini as BV calls it.
    Does the chain bother your neck where it hits your skin?
  8. Really love it. Fits your style well :amuse:
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  9. It really is amazing how much this mini bag fits. (I posted pics of the interior compartments on the style reference thread, "Messenger/duffel bags".)
  10. #10 Jul 9, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2016
    The chain on my Disco doesn't bother my neck or skin. Normally, I dislike chains, but the BV chain is smooth. The links do not have any wonky edges that most chains have. They don't get kinks, either.
  11. Thanks! I just love it.
    I saw yours and was wondering what color it was. Atlantic is amazing!
    Yes, frozen shoulder is like a nightmare you can't wake up from:sad:
    I started acupuncture, so hopefully it helps:smile:
  12. It really is a nice neutral, and not depressing at all. I have a pillow, but have not worn it yet.
    So far the chain has been great. If I was directly in the sun it might get hot, but so far it's very comfy:smile:
    I also wore the chain doubled the other night, and it was great. I will have to compare it to the chain on my Chanel WOC to see if there's a difference. I have a feeling all of my small bags will be in my rotation for a few months.

    Thanks so much! It is a fun bag:smile:

    Oh I will check that out. So far it has fit most things I need ....except my water bottle!
  13. That disco looks great on you--so easy and versatile. Congrats! And what a deal!
  14. Thanks so much! I really did get lucky that they had this color on sale...I wonder if they accidentally marked it down.
    Now I'm thinking of the pink one:smile:)
    And the BV website has a new color that looks to be yellowish. They call it gold something....
    These bags are so tempting!
  15. I've seen the new yellowish color. It looked to me to be a sort of a warm mustard color. I didn't look at it closely as it isn't a color that would work for me. The disco style looks amazing on you.