Disco Inferno!!

  1. For only $36 you can have a pair of these bad boys!! Some unthinkable synthesis of 80s leggings and 70s disco chic. They also come in silver, don't let the color stop you...

    If this trend catches on, seriously, if Paris starts sporting these, I'm going to be :throwup:

    From American Apparel, here's the link: Lamé Legging - Shorts, Pants - American Apparel Online Store

    There's also a hot pants version for the daring among us :graucho: !
  2. omg...ew! :throwup: :throwup:
  3. Oh my... those are quite interesting... I think I had a pair of shorts similar to that in the 70s for when I would go roller skating! (Hey, I was just a little girl -- I had no choice in what my mommy dressed me in! :wtf: )
  4. holy S thats nasty! :throwup:
  5. Ugh, oh please for the love of everything good, let this just be a fluke !
  6. LOL...I don't know if I need to spend $36 that bad...
  7. My Eyes! My Eyes!!!!!
  8. I've seen them before. ick. Perhaps they made the pants to go along with the metallic bikinis AA sells :yucky:
  9. all it need is the new lv miror keepall, and a fat gold chain around the neck and tis the ultime bar of gold ( but in a plasticy fake hidious kind of way)
  10. I couldnt do it NOOPE!!!!!
  11. I saw a pair of those over the summer on a woman that should NOT have been wearing anything skintight ... with a tank top and one of those gold chrochet beach cover ups over it ... the BF and I are still talking about it! :biggrin:
  12. You know, it's kinda of ironic that the brands name is Lamé* but if you take off the accent mark, its says lame which describes these pants!

    *had to copy from original poster--sorry if it's a link
  13. :lol: :roflmfao: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  14. A can of gold spray paint would be cheaper and achieve the same look.:wlae:
  15. NO NO NO IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!! :sos: