Disco Bunny or Pass The Remote Honey !!! ???

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  1. How often do you get out ? where do you go ? Whats your favourite restaurant or bar ? :lol:
  2. actually, i prefer hanging out with my friends and having a couple of drinks and cigarettes to going out all night clubbing. i wanna talk to my friends when i see them and not yell into their ears so they can hear me. i guess i'm getting old ;)
  3. We go out pretty much every night.

    I don't like to cook and DH is pretty indulging of me.
    I R E A L L Y wish I liked to cook, his Italian Mother cooked him 3 meals a day until he left the nest!
  4. Pradasmeadow do you work for the FBI? :P (you ask very interesting questions!)

    We LOVE to eat out alot. Wait :huh: - we love to go to restaurants. And we love NETFLIX. We've been catching up on alot of movies. Love to shop (yes, my hubster loves to shop) love to get together with friends and barbecue.
  5. We don't go out very often, but when we do, it's usually to see a band we like at a small club/bar. We'll drink beer and just hang out with friends. My cousin and I go out once a week or so to Tijuana Flats or Gators Dockside for dinner and drinks.

    Most of the time the bf and I just stay in and watch movies, cook or barbecue at home :biggrin:
  6. I feel lucky to, to have a Husband that loves to shop !:love:
  7. I live alone and see my BF about once a month right now cause I work on the weekends and he's 3 hours away from me. When he comes though, we go out about once every two nights or so. Usual restaurants here....Outbacks, Hibachi, Oliva Garden, Cheesecake Factory....
  8. I love the Olive Garden! Their breadsticks are the best!

    For the most part we stay in. Right now, still being winter I',m okay with that, because I tend to hibernate due to lack of energy. Also I'm immigrating to the U.S. so I can't work at the moment, so we are a bit broke, in about a month I'll be able to and I'm guessing we'll be going out alot more.

    Mostly we enjoy having people over to the house, lighting the chiminea and drinking in the back yard.