Disclosing Hermes stock over the phone?

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  1. Wanted to know your thoughts and experiences regarding this. I called the Paris store this afternoon to ask about available Lindy's, as that is next on my list! It is a 3-hour train ride away, so I would go when I was reasonably sure they had at least a few on the shelf. When I called, the SA politely told me that it was against store policy to disclose stock over the phone. When I inquired as to why, she said because stock moves quickly and may be gone in the next moment. In addition, it is because they cannot hold stock or sell over the phone. The 2 latter facts I knew, and said so. I did indicate that I would be coming from far away and would not want to make a fruitless trip, so knowing what was there would be helpful. She apologized and said that it was a "directive". 3 weeks ago I had called and the SA who answered did tell me what was right in front of her. I know they cannot hold or sell items over the phone if they do not know you, and you take a chance because things are sold quickly. But being unable to tell you what is on the shelves...? She did concede to having a few Lindy's but pointedly told me she could not say which ones. She easily revealed current pricing, fyi, 30cm is 3200 Euros and 34cm is 3400 Euros. (USD conversion multiply by at least 1.35 depending on your forex rate.....)
    What do folks think?:confused1:
  2. My experience has been the same. If they know you, a SA will search for you. But, if you call, most stores won't sell and send. My local boutique had 2 lindy's...but in the back. Your SA had to bring them out to show you. And, they went back in the box...if you didn't choose them.
  3. Can't you shop with a different Hermes boutiquwe
  4. Can't you shop with a different Hermes boutique in France? The Mothership may be a little difficult, especially if they don't know you.
    If a boutique knows you and you have purchased via c/c with them before, it's normally not a problem to purchase stuff via c/c over the phone/fax.
    Perhaps you can try a different Hermes boutique in France....
  5. golden's mom: Really! You had the same thing happen? You called and they did not reveal what they had over the phone? Okay, so I suppose not so strange, then. Still unclear why, though. At least to me...:confused1:

    hello2703: I will probably stop in there, (have not been there yet);) and see what they have and the feeling I get. The SA was polite, so I could not fault her. Just that the concept of secrecy I found a little odd.
  6. Suriyah, I can understand the concept of secrecy. Remember that the 'hot' Hermes bags are often bought 'in bulk' as it were by resellers, so it is understandable that they don't want to disclose their stock over the phone to somebody they don't know.
    Also - their stock DOES move fast, so they want to avoid an angry customer making a scene after she traveled for 3 hours just for a specific bag which had been sold after she hung up with the SA.
    As always with Hermes, it's best to build up a personal relationship with an SA.
  7. Usually, if you build up a relationship with a SA, you can call her/him...they will tell you if they have a specific bag...and you can charge it, then collect it. I think part of the explanation is to not sell to resellers.
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