disaster turned beautiful.

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  1. I was using my Galliera PM about less than 3 weeks ago before uni started, and BOOM.. the unexpectable happened. Remember iamvirgy's post about her Galliera breaking after 2 weeks? The exact thing happened to me (except mine is about 2ish months old). So, I brought it to the boutique and of course, the SA apologized and told me that it'll take about 4 months for repair as they'll send it to Paris. I didn't understand why they couldn't fix it in Switzerland when it was only the screw that came off, AND luckily, I still had the screw..

    It's not even the third week and I recieved a call from LV telling me I can pick up my Galliera. BUT... They'll be giving me a new one instead?!?! Okay... Don't get me wrong, it's completely awesome, but why? WHY? The damage wasn't huge, it was just a lose screw and is actually totally doable by ANYONE. My ex-Galliera had already patina'd and had some quite obvious wear. So, I didn't think they'd give me a new one or something.. I was just expecting them to fix it and return it ASAP.

    Strange.. But great!!! So now I have a brand new Galliera to baby and I didn't even have to wait a month. :smile: She's lovely! :yes:
  2. Congratz! :smile:
  3. Wow, congrats! It is nice to hear that they are addressing customer service issues better. I love hearing stories where people are happy with their LV. Thanks for sharing.
  4. It is so nice to hear a story about LV really standing behind their work. That is so above and beyond - and the kinds of help you would expect for the prices of the bags!
  5. That's a relief. Glad things went smoothly. Sorry to hear about the Galliera though, poor thing seems to be getting a lot of problems. Congrats on the replacement though! Enjoy your new baby.
  6. phew.....
    if only everyone got such great customer service from their LV boutique !
  7. Congrats! That's great news and a relief!
  8. Nice how awesome. LV had my keepall in repair for 7 months before they offered me a new one. How lucky to only have to wait a few weeks.
  9. This is the first I've heard of the Galliera loosing some screws! It seems like LV is giving out news bags to replace ones brought in for repair/service (as other tPFers have written about their experiences). I guess that's a good thing - it's like having a new bag!
  10. It sux that it broke in the first place but its good that they replaced it.
  11. Great that it turned out this way. That's good to hear.
  12. Oh wow that's awesome!! Congrats!! It's like you get to have a new bag without that whole pesky "paying for it" thing :P
  13. Glad to hear things went smoothly. Hopefully, with this new one the same thing won't happen.
  14. Glad it worked out well! So good to see them standing by their quality this time.
  15. wow ,thats great about getting a new bag.. at least you didnt have to wait months for it to be fixed.. maybe they figure its just cheaper to replace the bag then bother shipping it to and from France ? What a nice looking bag the Galliera is..been eyeing that one myself.. enjoy your new baby!