Disappointments- Attractions, Food, Hotels, People & Other Things to Do

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  1. You read the reviews, you see the advertisements, you see it's a hot spot, and so forth, but then when you get there and do what you desired to do, it falls flat. You think to yourself "What is the big deal?!" What disappointments or other dislikes have you had on vacation (that's not related to malfunctions and the like)?

    One of them for me was...
    The Grand Canyon. I took a helicopter ride, my first, within the canyon itself, had the pontoon boat ride on the Colorado River with a guide, and even paid extra to go on the Skywalk. Sight-seeing the Canyon just doesn't do anything from me; I get an equal quality experience looking at pictures and videos of it. I was very bored.
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    MAJOR disappointments:
    Grand Wailea - Maui
    Atlantis - Bahamas

    both had crazy bad service - like completely bad. Rooms were very poor and unkempt, couldn't get decent service at all.
    Grand Wailea felt like a trashy adult Spring break - soiled towels piled up everywhere, drunk men doing cannonballs into pools, etc. . .
    Atlantis - restaurants that were supposed to be open weren't, empty restaurants refused to seat us because we didn't have a reservation, maid was stepping all over my LV, no service by pools after 5pm, etc. . .
  3. Sandals Grande Ocho Rios was the worst place I have ever been - unclean, terrible food, the worst staff.

    I agree that Atlantis is a letdown. Nassau in general is unappealing.

    Scuba diving in Turks & Caicos - I understand that it is the hottest spot in the Caribbean for diving, but it was like disney world. Unless you are totally confident in your skills, it's scary. I am certified to 60 feet - we dove at 92 feet and I was about 15 feet above the entire group because I was so scared. Otherwise - T&C is awesome.

    Napa - again, like disney world to us. Santa Cruz mountains was a way better wine region for us - cyclists, wine makers on site, picnics, etc.
  4. @ Naga---that's interesting to hear about the Grand Canyon---SO and I have lived in AZ for 3 years and kept saying this would be the year to go...maybe we will skip it!

    @Swanky---SO and I have several friends who have said the same thing about Atlantis. In fact one couple has been several times and hate it! They said the service was beyond terrible!
  5. I went to Grand Cayman last winter for the first time in about 10 years and was absolutely horrified by how touristy and vulgar Georgetown has become.
  6. ^we went last Spring but rarely left the Ritz so we really liked it.

    YES!! Grand Wailea and Atlantis felt like Disney or Vegas - all the over the top man-made waterfalls... we could barely find the ocean forget about any quiet or peace to actually hear it.
  7. The Four Seasons in Jackson Hole Wyoming. We went there on a family vacation not long after the resort opened. The service was poor and the spa staff was unfriendly and acted as if they were doing us a favor. Hopefully they worked the kinks out since then.
  8. Bobby Flay's restaurants
  9. Michelin restaurants in Paris..I've tried a few and all of them are sadly over-hyped and over-priced.

    Michelin restaurants in London, are however a different story. Reasonably priced and food and service superb. Which is really weird because I thought the indigridients used in London need be to imported from France right? Truffles, foie gras that sort of stuff..
    But french fine-dining in London was actually way cheaper than in Paris.
  10. Kyoto was a hype and a disappointment. Overpriced hotels and too many tourists. If I knew it was only 15 min away from Osaka with the shinkasen I would spend all my Kyoto days in Osaka, and would only visit for one morning. Only thing that really rocked was the amazing train station.
  11. do not stay at the mandarin oriental in SF - it's in major need of a facelift! and this coming from a little piggy who insists on the mandarin ONLY in all other cities (^(oo)^)v
  12. -Mt Etna. Volcano my butt, it was FREEZING and all I had brought with me was a little denim jacket and there wasn't even anywhere to hide from the cold except one store. And nothing to do except climb the volcano which I am way too lazy for so me and my friends sat around playing scopa instead. No more Mt Etna

    -Los Angeles. I really don't like anything about LA at all

    -Musée d'Orsay in Paris, I much prefer the Louvre, the Orsay was just too small (I'm not one to stare at paintings for 20 minutes each, I look and move on, look and move on) I did the whole museum in about 40 minutes. It was also very cramped, I don't like feeling cramped

    -To a certain extent, Disney World. I do like Disney World but the thing is, when I first went I was expecting some big girl rides lol. I like 90 degree drops on roller coasters going 250mph, bunjee jump towers, all that kind of craziness. No one told me that Disney didn't have what I consider "good" rides. Now for what it is, I do like it but I wasn't expecting what it is, I was expecting more of a Six Flags type of thing. I like Universal much better because they have good rides. I love princess things but if I'm going to be at something categorized as an amusement park all day, I want some real rides

    -Spanish Steps area in Rome. SO many people love it, but I really do not get it, I know Rome extremely well and in my opinion, that area is as un-Roman as it can possibly get. All the clean lines and glitzy shops and whiteness of the buildings, that's not Rome, Rome is sienna colors and a bit of a beautifully gritty vibe, and all kinds of shops. That area just feels dead to me, there's no spirit to it. Not to mention it's not close to anything, it's off in it's own area. When I see people wanting to stay there I always try to advise against it, if you're looking for that kind of vibe don't go to Rome, there are other Italian cities entirely done in that style/vibe, Rome isn't one of them. And unfortunately (I think we all know at least one person like this) there's always that person who wants to stay in an area like that only bc it's glitzy "omg Chanel and Gucci are there? We're staying there!" :throwup: (I HATE this attitude when traveling, travel to see a place and open your mind, not only shop) and could care less that it's far from everything and not the "real" Rome. Real great way to travel...:rolleyes:. So many things annoy me about that area lol
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    I've been thinking for months since I had gone to the Grand Bahama Island that I would go to Atlantis when I visit Nassau. I will keep an eye out.

    I hear that Nassau is crummy too from everyone else. My guy especially commented on the crowds and how people kept pestering to braid his hair when he went there with his ex. I'm only going there for some excursions that they have which look awesome and that I don't see anywhere else that's closer.

    Omg, I want to be a certified scuba diver and reach 100 feet or so for deep diving. I need to greatly improve my swimming skills first, lol.

    I generally find sight-seeing to be akin to looking at pictures and videos anyway, so don't mind my opinion so much if you generally enjoy sight-seeing, lol. I seriously can never find any notable difference between looking at a lot of pictures and videos like I do and going to to see things in person. I've been sight-seeing many things and places in my life, and it never fails that whatever it is is just as pretty/enjoyable as the pics/videos or even worse! And, it didn't help that the Grand Canyon is just a massive reddish rock.

    I like "over the top stuff "like that. :biggrin::nuts:

    Interesting. He's like my favorite Food Network star! I've been really, really wanting to try his restaurants, lol.

    I am so with you about Disney World. Their rides, with the exception of a small handful, are extremely tamed or somehow unstimulating for what I'm used to. They do compensate just a little for it in their innovative appearances of some of the rides, like the beautiful Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom starting from the line or many pretty places in Epcot and such, but looks alone need to be capitalized on by a nice enough ride, which they fail at at least 90 percent of the time. Magic Kingdom was one huge joke. Not only did it had plain kiddy and super duper boring rides with piss poor effects and appearances, but they decided to make the family rides almost as kiddy (and hugely boring) with also very poor effects and appearances (and I wasted my time on them), BUT then comes Space Mountain, which was actually great with its illusions and very complimenting ride. I did enjoy that 4-D kid attraction Philharmagic though- that was good and better put together than Shrek 4D and surprisingly most other 3-D/4-D experiences in Orlando. The best park of the four was Epcot followed by Hollywood Studios, only for the miles better technology and great themes; although the thrill factor of rides is also pretty nonexistent.

    Universal Studios was sooo pretty- both parks. If it were a city, it'd be the prettiest city I've ever been in. The rides were generally much better too, I agree, particularly the Islands of Adventure park! Oh, and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Kingdom was awesome inside out and the ride itself.

    I am used to King's Dominion, Hershey Park, Busch Gardens, Old Towne, and Six Flags, which are more about expanding to adrenaline junkies as well as young children and family.
  14. Alex, a 2 star Michelin in the Wynn in Las Vegas was really disapponting to me. First of all it was incredibly expensive, almost as much as French Laundry but not as good (bill for 2 was $1200 with reasonable alcohol). The restaurant was half empty on a Saturday, SUPER dark and there were seriously a few 70-80 year old whales there with their significantly younger "companions of the night." I'd recommend skipping it, weird ambiance and just overpriced.
  15. ^^If you want a nicer place to stay in Bahamas try One and Only.
    But it seems like you like big atmosphere, which a lot of people do, then you may really like Atlantis. It's a hotel w/ bad service and overpriced food at a great waterpark basically, LOL! Same w/ Grand Wailea.