1. Ok....most of you know I got my new Black City with GSH (see Merry Christmas to Me thread).

    Well today, I happened to go Christmas shopping in downtown Toronto and stopped off at Holt Renfrew wearing of course...my NEW BAL BAG!!!

    Anyways......off I go to the Balenciaga purse dept and I have to say that YES, I saw some amazing bags. Sahara, Sky Blue, Magenta among others....all very pretty (the SAHARA City with GSH is to DIE for!!!), but I now "get" what some people around here are saying about "seeing" the different leathers on the bags.

    They had a black City like mine, but it PALED in comparison.....the Magenta City was gorgeous with GSH GORGEOUS, but I also saw that it was a bit more veiny and "dry"....however....what I found most disappointing and in my opinion, a bit improper for a name like Balenciaga, was the manner in which the bags were displayed. Most were thrown about on the shelf....anyone could handle them....let's just say, they didn't look very appealing just "lying" there thrown about. I know that if this was Italy or Europe, the purses would be beautifully displayed....tasteful.....and tempting.

    Honestly, after seeing the Bal Bags at Holt's...aside from wanting the Sahara & Magenta City with GSH .....I was disappointed. I also know that the DAY, First, and Work is not for me....I'm a City girl!

    Anyone else see a display like the one mentioned above?? Or is this a "Canadian" thing???

    Gotta give LV, Dior, D & G, Gucci, & Prada credit.....they KNOW how to "boutique" their bags and create tasteful, beautiful displays. You WANT to buy after seeing their shelves. I just couldn't believe that Balenciaga was so "neglected".....made me kinda sad.
  2. The tackiest display of Balenciaga I have seen is at a NM in New Jersey...can't remember the name of the specific mall. They are all hanging on crowded racks like what you might see at a TJ Maxx.

    The nicest display of Balenciaga I've seen is at NM Austin. NM SF looks very nice as well.
  3. Funny thing is, the wallets were behind glass, but the bags were thrown about here and there.

    I discovered that I LOVE Magenta and Sahara though....

    I know Magenta has had it's share of problems, but honestly, the color is TDF.....and way prettier than bubblegum (imho)

    It was almost embarrassing for me to see the Bal bags displayed this way....ironic thing is I think the staff could care less.

    Oh....and while I was talking to one of the SA's about the Bal bags...her cell phone rings and she answers it!!!!!! Right in the middle of talking with me....How rude is that??? Her call gets "lost" and then she tries frantically to re-dial the person who called her!!!

    NOT impressed.
  4. Oh yes, I remember icb posted some pics of bbags at Neimans Tyson's Galleria or something and they were just...hanging...

    Upsetting for sure! Like a bunch of stupid bananas.
  5. at holts yorkdale and sherway the bal bags are behind the counter. the bloor street location has much more of a self-serve feel to it; because it's so busy you are able to touch and examine by yourself, when you are ready to buy you ask a S.A. and they will help you complete your purchase.

    i much prefer looking at bal bags on bloor, because its such a hassle at the other stores asking an associate to see such-and-such bags while they just stand there and watch as i look at the bag.
  6. I think all NM's display them that way - like they're worth $.10 or something - all thrown into little cubbies - hideous :push:
  7. I was at Barneys last night and thought the quality of leather on sahara and magenta for their 08's was awful.

    Thyme was quite nice. That had the thicker quilt like leather that some 07's have.
  8. Well, the quality of the Magenta City wasn't great at all. The Sahara was really pretty good.

    I have to say, for the price of Bal bags, I'd prefer them behind the counter where not everyone can touch them all the time. But maybe that's just a personal preference.
  9. I think from the ones I saw, the Sahara leather had a very smooth wax-like look which almost looks like faux leather to me.

    Yea, the magenta's were very disappointing. They had like white veins throughout which is a look associated with dried out leather.

    I hear you about the better display at the store you were at. De-values the brand somewhat.
  10. I will say that the Sahara had more "sheen" to it than I expected. I'm thinking with regular use it would subside a bit.

    Crazy thing is, I love the color of Magent and Sahara....just wish the leather on these was top notch.

    It's frustrating when you know what kind of leather you crave and you love the color, but the 2 don't necessarily match!
  11. i've just seen a display of balenciagas IRL once, but they were just lying around and then other bags were thrown into drawers (sometimes withouta dust bag covering them & tassels hanging out from the drawers)... but what i found most disappointing was that all 3o or so bags had terrible, dry leather... only 2-3 had OK leather.
  12. I know some people get mad about it, but I prefer the fact that at BALNY, the bags are not all out and being handled and getting dirty. I feel totally comfortable asking to see whatever I want if they don't bring it out the first time, and haven't had anybody be nasty to me yet. If they don't show me enough, then I just won't buy anything.

    I think the department stores hide the wallets and accessories because they think they are more stealable, not because they really value them.
  13. At Holts in Calgary, the bal bags are mostly on racks. The various purse area is quite small, so space is limited. You can touch the bags freely, and I'm glad you can see and touch everything without having to ask SA's.