1. Well, the AC Mid City in Taupe arrived today (a day earlier than expected). The size is PERFECTION!!!! The color was so-so but I would have made it work for me.....BUT, the condition of the leather on the bag was a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT because it had a LOT of scuff marks, one sticky spot (????) and a black thread was peeking out of the handle! I called Shopbop to report and they will pay for the return shipping and, believe me, IT'S GOING BACK!! With all that said, I know that I will be ordering another Mid City just in a different color or leather type because the bag has the potential to be fabulous....so now the hunt begins again!:crybaby:
  2. Ohhh that is such a bummer. I am so sorry that your excitment turned to disappointment...that really stinks.

    At least you are going to get a new one and I am sure it will be in perfect condition!
  3. That stinks. I had a similar situation when I bought a bag from BG. I did love the size/shape of the bag though so I went on to buy the same one from a different seller. At least you know you like the Mid size. I am fascinated by that size too...:yes:
  4. Sorry to hear about your disappointment. I just checked out this style at Luna Boston and I agree it's a great size. Although there may have been improvements in leather and color, I still think the leather is most consistently soft and beautiful on AC's black bags. With other colors, there seems to be a lot of variation in the consistency of color and the softness of leather.
  5. I actually don't think my problems with this bag are the taupe leather which was pretty nice but it looked like the bag "had been through something"....like maybe someone else returned it and they sent it out to me. The leather (which was soft and nice...though still not sure about color) just seemed damaged. I will definitely be getting another mid city but maybe I'll wait for the new colors to come out (if I can restrain myself!).
  6. Sorry you were disappointed. I saw the bag on Shopbop and it looks kind of delicate (like it would show marks/scuffs easily). What color are you going to get now?
  7. I've heard that there are some new colors coming out in January but the question is am I mature enough to wait??? I REALLY want this bag but can't decide among the current colors....:confused1: Any suggestions?
  8. cgsprings, what a letdown - I'm so sorry that it wasn't the pristine and perfect bag you deserve! That's the one downside of ordering it online, you don't get to see the actual bag they ship you so you never know if you're going to get an untouched one or another customer's reject. But, I'm glad to hear the size was just right...I am going to Luna Boston in a couple weeks to check it out myself and am preparing myself to fall in love!
  9. I'm sorry to read about the condition of the bag! So disappointing because I know you were really looking forward to receiving it.

    I'm expecting the espresso brown tonight, so I will report back on it. So far, I am loving the black...

    I hope that you eventually order one...it really is the perfect City size in my opinion.

    Good luck!
  10. I know the feeling. I just received my Moni Moni Splendor from Luna Boston today and it's a gorgeous bag but when I opened it the inside zipper is already broken! It also has a spot on the outside. Mine will be going back as well and I will not be ordering another one because for the price I paid, the quality is not there!
  11. I also sent back a Moni Moni Splendor to Luna Boston last week because the leather had little holes in it! Also, that shoulder strap needs a little help! I loved the feel of it so I was disappointed with having to send it back. I have to admit that it really is a little busy compared to the simplicity of the AC city totes and I can't wait to order another one! I think whichever on-line site offers a 20%-25% code and carries the mid-city will get my business! It seems like all the code offers have ended from places that carry the mid-city. If anyone knows of any, I'd love to hear about it. TIA
  12. Do you think ShopBop just does not inspect their bags before they send them out? My sister wants a Gustto Cala Bag for Christmas and it makes me a little leary to purchase one from ShopBop since there is not much time to buy and return it and hope everything arrives before Christmas.
    I know thats disappointing to get in a bag that you don't like! All the excitement built up when you open it. Hope the next one is perfect!
  13. Thanks for the sympathy. I can't explain what happened with this bag because I think I've ordered from them before without a problem. Also, when I called to explain the situation, they immediately emailed me a free return label so that was good customer service. Good luck with what you decide for your sister and let us know how it works out.
  14. cgsprings, I'm sorry that you are so disappointed. I know how excited you were to receive the bag. At least now you have seen and felt the bag, the color, the size, etc.. And you are also able to return it!

    I posted about my Moni Moni on the other thread. I am going to have to inspect it more, but it's probably going back.
  15. Oh, that is a disappointment. I personally was looking forward to how you liked (or disliked) this bag. I love the AC City style, but the standard is too big and the mini is too small.
    I have not had great experience with light colored bags (I have dark "denim" stains on my prized Prada drawstring hobo which do NOt come off and in turn the bag is ruined!) so after that one I said I would never again get such a light colored bag. I wonder if someone had returned it, like you said. The AC City comes in some beautiful colors (I love the red glazed leather!) so maybe they will come out with more colors in the mid-size. Maybe a color which is not so "sensitive" would do better.