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  1. Hello evryone

    is it just me, or is the Authenticate This part of YSL very slow these days?
    No one's ever in there, and makes me sad that i cant receive any help on bags :sad:
    Where have all the YSL ladies gone?
  2. I am around, but I'll be honest, I hate doing "Authenticate this" unless I am 100% sure. Some of the fakes out there are so good these days that if there is any doubt in my mind, I don't post. I was ripped off on eBay by a really good scammer a few years back and I just don't want to possibly help it happen to someone else. I've seen some amazing Muse fakes and I don't want to mistakenly tell someone to go for it if Im not certain it is the real thing.
  3. I feel the same way. I'm reluctant to "authenticate" bags for other members in any of the designer subforums, because there is just so much fraud on eBay and among other second-hand sellers, and I'd hate to be responsible for someone buying a fake handbag. Some members just don't feel comfortable passing judgment on authenticity by looking at a couple of photos. I'm sorry and good luck to you! :flowers: