1. Ok so as some of you know,, I'm planning on returning my weekend tote for the multifunction tote.

    I called Prov Coach today and asked them if they had it in stock. "Yes we have 2" the girl replies. (Yay!)
    I ask her to hold one for me and she takes my information and I hang up HAPPY!!

    A few hours later, she calls me back and says that one is the display (which they don't sell) and the other one is now on hold for someone else -- apparently it was already on hold and she didn't know it. I'm like, well when was it put on hold -- thinking if she doesn't pick it up within 48 hours, I'll get it. The SA says the woman called THIS MORNING.. Gaaa!!! I was going to call this morning but got busy with work and didn't call until this afternoon.

    Just my luck :push:

    I just wish she had CHECKED when I was on the phone with her -- !!
  2. So sorry that happened--maybe the lady won't show up and you'll get it instead!

  3. Keep your fingers crossed that she doesn't show!!! Lol...
  4. oh PVD....itll all work out i promise. sometimes the SAs there are mean and clueless but dont worry, we love you here! at least they didnt tell you what they did to me one time: oh we have 3 here but you cant have any so you'll just have to order it.
  5. I am sorry to hear about what happened. That Hamptons Multifunction tote is great. Why don't you just ask them to order it for you? It only takes a few
    days for them to get it. Maybe that other client won't show up for it.
  6. I hate when that happens, I always figure :" Its just my luck" . I hope you get the one you want soon!
  7. Aw, bummer! Have you considered ordering one? It's fun to get it in the mail all wrapped up pretty!
  8. Order it at the store so you don't have to worry about the shipping =)
  9. I've had a store sell me the display item before.....call back and talk to someone else! Or just have them order and ship it to you.
  10. I'm going in tomorrow-- I want to play with the display a bit more.. I do have to return the weekend tote too.. hopefully it will work out and they will find one for me.. if not I will have to order.. but I was SO looking forward to carring my laptop in it to work on Monday..
    Maybe it'll all work out :smile:
  11. That is absolutely ridiculous that she wouldn't put the display on hold or sell, anything in the store is for sale that is merchandise and displays are included in that.

  12. Really??? I'm going to go in tomorrow and complain -- I feel kind of slighted :sad:

    Oh just another BAD thing that has happened in the Providence Coach store..
    Hopefully I can talk with a Manager tomorrow.
  13. hugs...its ok! i was there today and omg they were sooooo nice to me. they even gave me an application so we'll see what comes of that. i say you go in and grab the one on display and say i want it, now, please. and dont leave till let you have it!
  14. yeah definartely ask for the display one! at my store we sell it no problem. as long as there is nothing on it or damaging it then were good!

    and i'd also complain to the manager, the sales associate definately should have checked if there were any available. it would have taken like a minute!
  15. If you get more crap from those stupid Providence Store women, I would definitely call Coach or write a letter explaining what's been going on. You don't deserve that, and I know that's know what Coach wants there company to be!