Disappointment trying to order grey patent ashley

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  1. FYI for you ladies:

    I called up JAX this am to try to order the grey patent ashley. I am super excited about this bag since my snaphead satchel is so nice. Well, it costs $498 right now--it's full price.

    They will not be on sale for a lower price until they hit the outlet, so I am not ordering it now. I hope I get one....
  2. $498? Isn't that the price of a large patent SABRINA?

    Pshhhh...I am sorry, but I will not buy a mff bag for that price. No way.


    If it's a mff, there should be plenty of them at the outlet. I am sure you will find one (for a much better price.)
  3. Im sorry to sound so stupid , but I didn't realize you can order mmf from Jax. So if my outlet doesn't have the color I want, I can call jax for it? Do they extend the 20% coupon when the stores offer it? Thaks and great that we can get this education.
  4. You cannot typically order MFF bags from JAX. The only exceptions have been the special online sales in July and in September. These bags will be about $229 at the outlet and then cheaper if they have a coupon. Some outlets have them out already, some will put them out in about two weeks.