Disappointment From Paris

  1. Hi Everyone:

    I Just Got Back From Paris This Week.
    I Looked Forward To My One Day Visit There For Over A Year Dreaming Of Ordering A Birkin. Finally The Day Has Come.
    When A Asked The Sa About Reserving A Birkin She Went Downstairs To Check And Came Back Telling Me That Only Clemence Leather Was Available To Order In Gold.
    I Already Have A Birkin And A Kelly In This Leather.i Wanted Something In A More Structured Leather This Time. I ASKED IF ANY OTHER COLORS OR LEATHER WAS AVAILABLE , HER ANSWER WAS NO. SHE ALSO TOLD ME NOT To Settle For What She Offered. She Said It Will Become Very Slouchy In A 35 Cm, So Off I Went Out Of The Store Disappointed.
    Was Anyone Else Told About Shortage Of Leather In This Past Month In Paris Or Other Stores?

    I Would Really Appreciate The Information.
  2. I am sorry for your disappointment but it happens. I was only avail for one afternoon at FSH this summer and I didnt walk away with a birkin either. At least you already have a birkin and a kelly which is more than a lot of peeps have ;)
  3. Sorry to hear about it, hopefully better luck next time. Hugs.
  4. Indeed my sa was NOT able to find me a 40 cm birkin that was NOT clemence...even togo is not available at the moment!
    But in 35 I got offered several swift birkins...
    In Paris the SA´s also often play hard to get when it comes to birkins...believe me, been there seen that.
    Don´t be dissapointed....the "season" just started after the summer rest, so more leathers will get avail. more easily soon...
  5. sorry to hear that. try other boutiques...
  6. Sorry you had a less than pleasant experience. Your in search of an elusive Birkin...I don't own one personally, however from what I've witnessed personally happening to others...your not alone in your quest. I understand it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Keep looking like others do and your bag will be there waiting for you one day when you least expect it to happen.
  7. (((Hugs))) Rogicoco. I can imagine how disappointed you must be.
  8. Sorry to hear about it...Hopefully you can SO the one you want and it comes quickly.
    Hope you find the exact one your are looking for, no reason to settle.
  9. i'm sorry to hear. it can be so depressing after you've looked forward for so long. i think the right one will come your way. just keep your hopes up, and in the meantime, you can explore all the possibilities of color/skin/hardware so you'll know which one you truly want!!!
  10. Thank You So Much Guys.
    You Are All So Supportive.
  11. ((((Sending you cyberhugs)))). I am sure your dream bag will be with you sooner than you think
  12. I'm sorry that things didn't work out, but I am hoping that you'll find your dream Birkin soon!
  13. Sorry for your disappointment. What in particular were you hoping to find?
  14. rogicoco, keep in touch with your SA. The available leathers changes from season to season. You'll get what you desire--it's just a question of when!
  15. Hope you find what you are looking for and sorry for your disappointment! :flowers: