Disappointment at H...

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  1. I do apologise in advance, but I just need to share some angst with fellow TPFers!

    Been lurking around TPF and the Hermes forum for a bit and was intrigued by the passion people have for their Hermes items. After some research, I thought it would be nice of DH to 'gift' me a Trim bag for Christmas :p

    Went to the H boutique a week ago on Monday (near closing time) to scout around and it turns out that Trim bags are not particularly popular. The only one in the store was etoupe with contrast stitching in togo - not quite my cup of tea.

    The SA was truly sweet and called the other H stores and the warehouse and there were 4 31cm Trims available, all in chevre, in different colours in the warehouse. (She did this after the store was closed for the day.) I requested to see the bags in vermillion and potiron. Passed up the bag in vert anis and purple (forgot to ask for the name).

    The bags came in on Wednesday :graucho: and I was all ready to run off to town when I received a call from my SA - please DON'T come, the store had been flooded by torrential downpours :wtf:

    Alright. A little patience doesn't hurt anyone....

    Anticipatory trepidation on Thursday :sweatdrop:...the bags were brought out by the SA. She had the purple one transferred as well and this was the first one she showed me. Oooh...chevre is VERY NICE! But the colour... hohum...I put it down. Second was the one in potiron...nicer...but not quite it....
    And then she unveiled the one in vermillion and :nuts:
    Brought that baby home with me. :heart:

    Today I thought I'd bring my new Trim for a spin and took it out of the box. And as I was trying to adjust the strap length at the buckle I noticed several 'hairline cracks' forming when I tried to undo the buckle! :wtf:
    Brought the bag back to the H boutique and they took it back.

    Sorry for the long post. It was quite a let down after the excitement of getting my hands on the bag.
  2. Oh dear!!!!! Are they going to get you another one???

    I'm sorry to hear about this especially as you were already patient for the flooding to go away!
  3. i feel so sorry for you!! that sounds like the most awful let-down ever!
  4. i'm so sorry this happened to you! but they will rectify it and you will have your happy day soon, i hope!
  5. OH, so sorry to hear this....vermillion trim sounds lovely! What are they going to to? Can it be helped at the spa?
  6. Which leather is the Trim?
  7. BlueberryJam-My nerves are just settling after "some problem" with H. They resolved my problem as I am sure they will resolve yours. HANG ON!!!
  8. Sorry to hear about your disappointment :sad:
    I am sure the H Boutique will resolve it as soon as possible and to your satisfaction. You will have the H excitement back when they get this resolved.
  9. blueberryjam, oh no! I hope everything resolves itself out for you. :heart:
  10. So sorry this has happened,
    Maybe there is another one, that has your name written all over it, do let us know
  11. How disappointing Blue!
  12. blueberryjam, sorry abt your encounter.
    Are you in SG too?
  13. What a let down! I hope they can resolve it for you quickly. I love my trim!!
  14. BJ Sorry to hear about your experience at H. Hope that things will work out for the best! (fingers crossed!)
  15. Oh, man! But, I'm sure they will find her twin and send her to you asap!