Disappointing Shimmy Tote - Holding out for Cracked Leather Bays

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  1. Having patiently added my name list to the list on the website to be informed when the new arrivals arrive - I finally got notification about the new Purple Shimmy Tote. I saw this bag on the 'Coming Soon' list when I was hunting for the Black Cracked Leather Bays but my head got turned big time by the photo :drool:.

    I had already had a brush last year with the original Purple Shimmy but when I saw it IRL I thought it was very unnappealing :tdown:- way too much like a document case for my liking, so when I saw the pics of the new tote my interest was re-awakened :tup: ( Love :heart: that shade of purple).

    Anyway to cut a long story short, I decided to try and track one down at a HOF store as the three month interest free credit that comes with a HOF card is a much more palatable way to pay in these impoverished times. After ringing round all the HOF stores in London, not one of them had the bag in stock but the City Branch ( v.helpful SA called Aaron:okay:smile: offered to order one in for me.

    Thought I should check it out IRL first and the only place that had the bag in stock was the Mulberry store at St Christophers Place ( wasn't in the flagship on Bond St or any of the dept store concessions...some of the SA's in Harrods etc didn't even know there was a new Shimmy on the scene either :rolleyes:).

    Anyway schlepped all the way into town to see my heart's desire and again, to me i it was a HUGE disappointment :Push:. Although the tumbled sheep leather is described on the website as being very soft, I found it to be really hard & rigid, with almost a man made feel to it. The hardware is lovely but I still don't quite get it with the webbing shoulder strap ( for a £595 bag !). The shape looked ok hand-held, but on my shoulder each corner gaped ( perfect for pick pockets) and the handles hung down in a rather messy fashion. I just don't think the Shimmy and I are meant for each other after all :crybaby:.

    Now I'm pinning my hopes on loving the Cracked Black Bays when it hits the shops. It looks fab on the website, but you never know until you see these bags IRL I guess...
  2. oh never mind. At least you checked it out IRL and didn't make an expensive mistake. hope the cracked black bays is everything you want it to be!
  3. I was addicted to that tote too but.. I kind of didn't like those metallic rings in those handles.. it sort of made it look "cheap" if you know what I mean.
    I do like the shape and everything but.. I don't like the rings :sad:
  4. Aww sorry to hear you were disappointed after tracking the purple shimmy! I think the cracked black bays is a stunner and would buy it in a sec if i could!! Thats a bag worth waiting for, it looks droolworthy!!:drool: I Hope you manage to secure one soon!:tup:
  5. Once more proved that it is important to see a bag IRL before buying!
  6. I love this bag in the cream.....I thought it was £795 ??.....never seen it IRL xx
  7. Is this the Shimmy you're talking about Taz ?
    I saw this one in the store too and again, didn't like the texture of the leather very much but I think it's prettier than the version I set my heart on.
  8. Yes thats it !!

    I thought that it would be soft and very delicate..just goes to show ;)
  9. Tag I agree with you totally I saw it today in Bond St in Black and I too thought the leather was very hard its what i would expect an elephant to feel like lol

    I thought I would love it in fact I did love the style but the leather was :tdown: got the Heloise hobo instead think you would love this

    As for the Mitzy range :heart:
  10. I think you've hit the nail on the head there Jackie :yes:...the leather on the new Shimmy tote does feel like elephant hide :roflmfao:. Can't square it with the description of the tumbled sheep leather on the Mulberry website at all :nogood:.
  11. I just saw the quilted shimmy tote in town on my lunch break and although the colour and quilted look is lovely, the leather really is too stiff.. it just doesnt seem to slouch enough..
  12. :yes: Yes, I think that's the nub of the problem Sugarspice. The leather is the opposite of slouchy (ie. stiff as a board :sad:) and feels like you'd need to run a flatbed truck over it repeatedly to even begin to break it in :shrugs:.
  13. :roflmfao:
  14. This is the Cracked Leather Bays in this photo isn't it? It looks lovely!

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  15. Yeah I'd love that - do you think it's a year round bag (I know black is a bit heavy for summer but maybe for work) or just an autumn/winter one?