Disappointing Service at Singapore Prada and Miu Miu stores

  1. Dear Tpfers,

    I'm finally back from my long vacation in Asia. Taiwan was fantastic with DH surprising me with a new Prada purse! I have absolutely no complaints about the customer service in Taiwan. Fantastic all the way.

    However, my trip to Singapore was marked by terrible service in all the high end boutiques I've visited. That includes: LV, Prada, Miu Miu, Fendi, and Gucci.

    I visited Miu Miu and Prada at Paragon, a shopping mall that houses the big brand name exclusively.

    First, I could not find the entrance to the Miu Miu store since the SAs kept both sets of doors shut. Thinking that the SAs did so to keep the air conditioning in (Singapore is very hot and humid), I didn't think much of it.

    The Sas totally ignored me and my sister while we were in the store. They eyed my blush bow sulkily and only very reluctantly took down items for us to examine. In fact, during my experience, the SAs were all huddling around the counter and not assisting any customers. Curious, I asked a local who was helping herself to the clothes and she affirms that most SAs in high end boutiques will only offer help if you are serious about making a purchase.

    I was shocked. I decided to leave and went through another set of doors (since both set of doors were shut and who knows which is the exit?). To my shock, an SA immediately locked the doors after me! She even gave me a glare to indicate that I wasn't supposed to exit from those doors. How would I know? The doors I exited from faced the main corridor where the entrances of other boutiques were located.

    Next Prada. Again, Sas huddling in a corner and blatantly ignoring customers. They only reluctantly helped when asked and you could see their disinterest. However, once I expressed interest in purchasing an item, the SA brightened up considerably.

    Needless to say, I refused to purchase anything from either store.

    LV at Takashimya. That's another story. Rude Sas who kept telling me and other customers to go to another branch. ??? From what I've observed, the Sas didn't have to do much to make a sale. Most customers were so eager to buy that they didn't care about the lack of service.

    I asked to look at two epi leather purses and the SA slammed the items down with the metal legs of the purses creating a loud din. Then she left. Another customer told me not to worry, that they treat most customers that way. One customer even lamented that they contribute to the problem by continuing to patronize these rude Sas.

    I was so intrigued that I did a search on local forums to confirm that it's not unusual to receive such bad service! I refuse to think that I was discriminated because I looked like a local as suggested by a local friend. That foreigners (preferably Caucasian) received better treatment. Now, I don't know how true this is so I can't comment. :supacool:

    However, I am happy to report that most stores in Singapore are staffed with helpful SAs.

    I do strongly Tfers not to tolerate bad service. I refuse to let a rude SA earn commission from my purchase. Too bad, Miu Miu and Prada in Singapore.
  2. It's not only in Singapore, unfortunately. I have been to the Prada Boutique in the NM at Newport Beach, CA and have never been so disgusted with the lack of hospitality. I don't know why these SAs are so snotty??? They are probably making a bit more than minimum wage and act as though they are so high above the customers. What was even worse was when I went to the Outlet stores in Desert Hot Springs. They have a Prada/Miu Miu outlet store there named "Space" and the SAs there were even worse than the NM ones!! WTH???? :wtf: HELLO - you're an OUTLET store!! You peddle all the bags that the real stores can't get rid of.......So you need to GET OVER YOURSELVES!!

    That's why, whenever I find a nice SA, I get their business card, name and any info so that I can call them back and give them my business!! So far I have found Prada Beverly Hills, Hawaii and Las Vegas to be absolutely WONDERFUL!!
    Thanks for the great post and listening to me rant on and on and on..........:nogood:
  3. yes i have ot agree with ya.:yes:..i am form singapore and embarasss that it happened and experienced it myself tooo..:tdown:

    i DEMAND service if i am paying so much for it...if no service, no sale.:p.
  4. i'm from singapore, and unfortunately, i must say that i've almost gotten used to getting bad service from high-end stores, esp the prada and miu miu at paragon. needless to say its putting me off getting aything there. although i must say the service at the Duty Free store in Scotts Road is brilliant.

    as for Lv takashimaya, i can only say that the sheer volume of customers they get must be so overwhelming that it's virtually impossible for the SAs to be personable...
  5. I am from Singapore too. Although I had pretty good experiences the last time I went back to Singapore, and visited the Miu Miu and Prada boutiques (without purchasing anything), I hate to admit that your situation is not unique and completely frustrating.

    I think this is highly due to the fact that sales does not equate individual commission for sale staff in most Asian countries. Not only is there no motivation to the staff, my opinion is that it hinders good service. At the end of the day, each staff knows he/she gets paid regardless of his/her performance. Why would they even try?
  6. sorry about your bad experience... I'm from Singapore too and like pradafanatic, i'm embarassed it happened. Not all stores have bad SAs, but it is so sad that high end boutiques seem to be having alot of these bad ones in their stores.:tdown:

    are there any other Miu Miu boutiques in Singapore? I don't like the paragon one as well.
  7. These bad SAs should be sent to service boot camp!!!
  8. That's terrible. But it happens all over. I have called and asked for bags and been told they don't have them, no offer to call around. I say thank you and they hang up... no you're welcome or bye.
  9. This is a situation that I have faced many times due to me looking young and 'unable to afford' anything in their store. Sometimes they can even quarrel with me over information about certain items that I know I am right about e.g. what's coming out when. They can even refuse to put me on the waitlist as it is too long and I would only get the item after a year.

    Be prepared to be scrutinised from head to toe when you go to such stores and to have items snatched from your hands like you are a common criminal.

    The service in Singapore is almost non-existant.

    I find the staff at the boutiques at DFS much nicer. So perhaps on your next visit you could go there instead. However their selection is not as wide as Ngee Ann/Taka hence the attitude of the SAs from the LV there.

    As a Singaporean, I can only proffer my apologies to you our very lacking SAs. :flowers:
  10. Thank you to all of you for your feedback and replies!

    I was so shocked by the attitude of the LV SAs that I refused to deal with them. They kept repeatedly giving my poor aunt misinformation about the wait list for the Tivoli GM. She was told that it was closed and the SAs who promised to place her on a new wait list never did so. During my visit to Singapore's LV (Takashimaya branch), we were sneered at for even wanting to get on the wait list.

    I was so annoyed that I called LV to complain. The lovely SAs at LV Beverly Hills immediately placed me on top of their wait list. Within 3 days, I had received a brand new Tivoli and shipped it to my aunt.

    I also called Miu Miu and Prada to complain about the lack of service in the two boutiques that I went to in Singapore. I also intend to write a formal complaint letter to their headquarters.

    I am sorry that Tpfers in Singapore have also experienced this. I certainly do not think that these bag eggs are a reflection on Singapore. I just think that it's sad that LV, Miu Miu, and Prada take their customers for granted.

    And they certainly do not have the right to discriminate against youthful shoppers!
  11. Way to go Linpaddy!!! You speak out for many of us!!!

  12. I'm from Malaysia and this is unfortunately true. It happens in Malaysia as well. I never go into high-end boutiques because the SAs are so *****y and rude. They will judge you from what you wear.

    My friend went to Zara (not even high-end) to try on some clothes, she wasn't dressed fancily so the SA looked at her and said, "You know this is too expensive for you right?" The nerve of them.
  13. You're right! Prada and Miu Miu at Paragon are well-known for their snooty SAs. So I always go to the Prada at DFS Scottswalk. Much better service by a mile! Pity that is the only Miu Miu outlet here. Sometimes I really want to go in and browse but I don't wish to see the faces of those snooty SAs so I usually just walk pass. And this is even when I have bought bags from them before!

    But I have to say Bottega Veneta, Tods and YSL at Paragon always give great service without fail :tup:
  14. This is most wonderful! :woohoo:
  15. I think it also depends on which SA serves you in the LV Taka store.

    When I went in March 2007, I had very good service - smiling SAs who were very obliging.

    When I went in September 2007 to buy the black denim neo caddy - the lady serving me was rather crappy when I asked her for a new piece - she said the display piece I was handling is new and while i was still considering whether to buy that piece, 2 other customers asked to see it. I think I must have shown how reluctant i was to pass it to them that she told me she will get a brand new one for me!

    When I bought the Monogram Speedy 25 - the SA serving me was very professional and helpful. But I changed my mind over the weekend and decided to exchange it for the Cruise Croisette Speedy instead and returned to the store. I was served by a different SA who was so sullen looking when she took the bag to the store manager for it to checked! She showed no interest to serve me after that and I got another SA to serve me after that and her attitude was so much better!

    When I accompanied another friend in late January 2008, we got crappy service from sullen SAs. My friend said the service at the branch at Raffles Hotel is much better. I have also gone to the LV boutique at DFS at Scotts Road and the service is so much better!

    As for Prada at DFS - the service is also very good. I have visited the paragon one but nobody offers to serve or even smile and say hello - so I just browse there and buy from the DFS one.