Disappointing international shopbop experience


Oct 6, 2006
I just need to rant here.. I purchased a pair of Hudson jeans on sale, and they turned out to be too big on me. Living in Germany, I've been going back and forth trying to decide whether it is worth it to return them or not. And I decided to return them, as they are significantly too big.
I paid 12 Euros for the shipping (cheaper than their flat-rate DHL Return shipping btw!), and the returned item arrived safely. 2 days later, I got my refund. However, what angers me is that shopbop did not return the customs fee deposit. I've asked them about it, and they say that I should talk directly to the custom authorities here in Germany, by showing them the return slips. The problem is, I do not have proof that I have paid duty fees, as I've chosen to do that via shopbop (Int'l shipping with duty fee deposit included). So far I've talked to 2 different customer service reps that are telling me to do the same thing. And I've nicely tried to explain to them, that I need something from shopbop that the duty fees have been paid by shopbop on my behalf. Still, the answers that I get still repeat itself. :pout:I've lost my patience and gave up. The amount is not much, but the fact that they're not even trying to help me as their customer pisses me off. So it's either I stop shopping at shopbop or next time I'll choose another shipping option. Rant over.
May 25, 2014
Do you have the amount of duties added to the total on your order confirmation/order history? You could maybe use that as the proof. This is part of the reason why I hesitate to buy clothing online, the customs/duties always scare me.