Disappointing hot stamping result


Jul 25, 2011
Hi guys,
What has been your hot stamping experience? Because I'm terribly disappointed and sad tonight. I dropped off my Illustre balloon bag charm to have it hot stamped. I picked it up tonight and it looked Ok.
I am so stupid for not inspecting it carefully at the store (I had a bad day so I was going to make it in and out).
Anyway, I got home and took another look at it. There are two spots that are missing gold (but whatever I could overlook that). Then I notice that my initial is kind of low, too close to the Louis Vuitton insignia. I specified it to the SA where I want it. And he determined it is 1cm from the insignia. I measured it when I got home and it is 0.5cm not 1cm as it is supposed to be.
I showed him where I wanted it and I meant it should be above copyright sign. I don't know if they did the measurement counting from Louis Vuitton instead of copyright sign. Because if I measure it from LV, it is 1cm. But from copyright sign it is only 0.5cm. Totally not what I wanted. I am so sad :sad: Do you guys think they will make it right if I go back?


Feb 4, 2014
West Coast
You can take it back! I've seen a gentleman in the LV store complaining about his hot stamp initials touching the LV insignia on his luggage tag. They took it back and gave him a refund. Stay firm!


Apr 2, 2013
^^ Ditto...I don't mind the placement (unless you specified to have it centered mid-way down) but there should not be spots of gold missing. Bring it back and tell them it's unacceptable...good luck!!


Yogi Mama
Dec 9, 2010
Always in Zen
I think it looks really nice. I get what you mean that's not what you specified. If so you should take it back. They might give you some grief because exchanging a luggage tag and this key chain isn't the same thing but hold your ground. Best of luck!


Handbag Heaven
Sep 21, 2012
The placement looks good to me too, but the missing spots of color are certainly disappointing. Good luck!


Jul 25, 2011
Thanks guys for all your replies. Here's how I see it. If the gold was missing but the placement was good, Ok, I might live with that. Or if the placement was wrong but the gold intact, Ok, that'd be fine too. But the placement is off and the gold is missing, I keep thinking why the double screw up like that? :sad:

Do you think they could touch up the gold in the worst case scenario?
I don't want to go there and make a big stink about it although I am pretty disappointed. The staff at my LV boutique is so nice and friendly, I am on good terms with a few of them. I think I will ask calmly and politely. And if they refuse I will have to live with this :sad:

Miss Krys

Jun 14, 2014
Edmonton, Canada
One thing is obvious: You're not satisfied with the product that was paid for with your hard-earned money. Go back into the boutique and explain this carefully, yet polite and firm, to one of the SA's that you know well and are on good terms with and have them either offer you a refund or replace your charm.