Disappointing foods, share here

  1. I thought I'd love 'em, but don't:
    - Cheez-It Crisps (doesn't taste at all like Cheez-Its, has a weird fake American cheese flavor... they're too chip-like)
    - Coke Zero (bleh!)
    - Diet Coke with Splenda
  2. any low fat cheese :throwup:
  3. -vitamuffins (a few people on here said that they were really good!)
    -mini chips ahoy (not nearly as good as the full size ones, they have kind of an odd flavor)
    - diet coke with splenda (weird aftertaste!)
  4. Eeew, Diet Coke w/ Splenda was ICK!

    Coca Light in Italy was also disappointing! LOL!

    Any fat free dairy. :sad:
  5. diet coke tastes different everywhere! the one in denmark is almost the same as the uk one but the finnish (and swedish i think) is different because they switched to sucralose instead of aspartame. i like different ones on different occassions, the uk one is easiest to drink i think, less sweet but fizzier.
  6. Soy ice cream. Bleeh, I'm gonna go back to the real thing!!
  7. Fat free cottage cheese :yucky: The 1 percent kind is worth the extra calories.

    Also, protein shakes. People raved about them on fitness message boards and the different things to add to a shake, but I tried everything and still found them gross. I mix my protein powder in oatmeal or make protein pancakes. Easier to eat :supacool:

    I agree about low fat cheese. Gross!
  8. FF mayo or FF cheese...I can handle LF versions of both

    Diet Coke or Coke Zero....BLECH!!

    99% of the protein bars currently on the market

    Most diet or sugar free ice creams....I would much rather have a sugar free popsicle or fudgesicle

    N/A Beer....the WORST!!
  9. anything fat free! i hate the fat free salad dressings and mayo
    diet coke with lemon
  10. Fat free cheese is nasty. I had some fat free cheese that I bought to try, and I didn't like. I tried to get my pet rat, Poofie, to eat it. He wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole! Now you know it's bad when your pet won't eat it.
  11. Vitamuffins and Coke Zero!
  12. Diet coke with Splenda is just awful. So is low-fat swiss cheese. And most of the granola bars that are supposed to be healthful.
  13. -Diet coke with Splenda
    -LightnCrispy Soy Energy Bar
    -Any 0-calorie flavoured water or Crystal Light...Headaches!!!
  14. crystal light. BLECK!
    any kind of diet coke but the plain jane stuff
    fat free cheese...lowfat is fine.
    most altered icecreams (except ben and jerry's half baked frozen yogurt)....i'd rather just skip it.
  15. yougurt that is made with artificial sweeteners. Can't stand it! would rather have plain non-fat than that stuff!