Disappointing Day: need new options???

  1. Hey Gals,

    So you all helped me to decide on a Day bag for my Mom.

    Originally I had planned to get an Ocean Day - but then DH and I saw the color and just were not loving it IRL.

    Then, an SA at NM then found me a Blueberry Day :yahoo: I just received the bag and I am soooo disappointed: the handle is like the Sahara dessert, even the color is totally pulled out :crybaby:



    I am soooo disappointed.

    I am not sure if I should:

    * return it for a full refund and get something else
    * demand a discount and try to help it (maybe some LBM conditioner and shine restorer??)

    Co-miserating??? :heart:
  2. No, I would return it. Those handles look terriable; I would be afraid to mess with it and have it not turn out as good as you want it to. It looks like the bag has been carried.
  3. I know!! They are CRISPY to the touch.

    I showed it do DH and he was like "ehhh" but then I made him grab it and he was like "GROSS!!!!!" :cursing:
  4. Did you pay full price for this or was it reduced?

    My corners are a bit naff but mine was a cheapo purchase anyway.
  5. Full price, plus tax and shipping (even though it was out of state).

    Plus it's a gift, right??

    So if I can't fix it, then my poor Mom will be stuck with that every time she picks up the bag.

    How sad.
  6. ohhh yikes:sad:... can you return it, if your efforts to fix it don't turn out? Positive thoughts are going your way hmwe. Sorry you're having to deal with this...and having paid full price plus s/h, taxes too:hrmm:
  7. I would send it back or get them to refund you 50% as it has clearly been used, try to treat the handles and buy her another gift as well with the cash you get back. (It is a lovely colour leather.)
  8. Return it. I think it's ok to try to "fix" a bag if it's for yourself but for someone else I don't think you should keep it.
  9. thanks Blessings and Becca!!! :heart:

    If it were just for me, it wouldn't be so frustrating.

    I just know my Mom would *love* this color.

    Good suggestion Jenova :yes:

    Let's see what the SA is prepared to do.
  10. I usually don't give opinions on stuff like this, but I'd just send it back and start all over. The leather looks in terrible shape and there are too many good alternatives out there to settle on taking a chance at some degree of restoration for POSSIBLY a little less money.
  11. wait. i thought the opposite happened when it had been carried. you know, dark handles?
  12. Awwww... Sounds like it would have been perfect with the wallet she also got.:love:

    I would say return it or ask for a discount.
  13. RETURN IT! that poor poor thing - if it were for you, i would spend the time to "fix" it, but since it's a gift, that's not fair to the receiver to have to repair it :tdown:
  14. thanks for all the comments!!

    I am sooo frustrated. This Blueberry color is GORGEOUS.

    I am tending to agree: if it were for me, fine, I'd take the discount and then try LMB on it. But for a gift, that just bites.

    Sigh . . . NOW what color?!?!

    Mom *loves* blues but the Ocean is just so not what I am looking for in a bag for her.
  15. The handles look so dry and the rest of the bag doesn't look much better. I would return it, unless you manage to get a really large discount. Let us know what the SA says.