Disappointing Blue-Grey News

  1. Well while I'm in the bank making my birthday deposit, Kim for BalNY calls and tells me that they aren't getting the parttime in blue grey. I had reserved one which is why she called. She said she would see about getting some in, but right now it's a no go. However all the other styles will be avail in the blue-grey.
  2. Oh Poo! I was wanting that same bag too! Hopefully Aloha Rag or some other Dept. stores will get them? Thanks for the info:flowers:
  3. Really?? No part-time in blue-grey at all?? That's the bag I wanted most out of all the new bags.:cry::sad::cry:
  4. ppssstt...Happy Birthday (deposit)
  5. Happy birthday! Sorry to hear that... Did Kim mention when they would be getting the blue-grey?
  6. Happy Birthday, elongreach! Sorry to hear about the Blue Grey Part time. Hopefully, it won't take too long to get in or maybe you can order it from AR like acegirl suggested?
  7. Happy birthday!!

    Nooooooo I wanted a blue-grey parttime to be my first Balenciaga bag :cry: darn it...
  8. Happy Birthday!:biggrin::heart:
  9. Happy Birthday! When I called the SA told me they were not getting the blue-grey in all the styles, but they were supposed to have it in the Part Time and the City...hmm. Glad I kept my order for the City. I think the Part Time is going to be too long.
  10. Happy Birthday!!!
  11. I think the LVR pdf files said they are getting the blue-grey in the Part Time.
  12. Happy happy birthday!!
  13. That's a bummer about the blue-grey...

    Happy Birthday! :flowers:
  14. I think I'm going to try aloha rag. Kim said it was just the part time that they weren't getting, but they would try to get some in. She said blue grey would be in around mid July. So either I really want the part time or I can try for something else. I sorta have this goal to all the different types in different colors, but maybe I'll settle for a city. Who knows.

    :biggrin: Thanks for all the love on my birthday! I appreciate it, but it's back to day-to-day life now. I can't blame my shopping on my birthday anymore. My family never knows what to get me so they all give me money. It's easier that way and I prefer it.:biggrin: