Disappointing and stressing eBay experience - need help, please!

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  1. Hello all,

    One of the ladies over at the Louis Vuitton subforum recommended that I come and ask for advice here.

    I posted a reveal/advice-seeking thread here on Sunday, regarding a pre-owned LV Musette that I purchased from an eBay seller. I have already posted some (rather long) detailed messages about it in the existing thread (along with lots of close-up pictures) but basically, this seller has 100% positive feedback in the 200s (only slightly less than what I have - and mine is also 100% positive) and so I didn't expect any hassle with the transaction.

    The listing described a bag that was in used, but good condition. The seller mentioned that the only wear was to the interior of the bag and showed pictures of the lining which had a large ink stain on it. I was fine with this, and obviously I knew about it before I placed my bid. However, the listing did not mention any wear to the exterior (other than the darkening of the leather straps, which again, I have no issues with) - and neither did the pictures show any problems with the outside of the bag.

    When I received the bag, the condition was not at all what I expected. The canvas is cracked at both sides at the top of the bag, which was not illustrated or mentioned whatsoever. Where the straps connect to the hardware of the bag, the leather is not in great condition. And the bag has been stitched (very poorly and clearly not professionally, certainly not by LV themselves), likely in an attempt to improve the condition of the cracks. None of this was mentioned. The inside of the bag also stank of smoke, which I have not raised with the seller, as it's the least of the problems, but really it would have been nice not to have that conveniently forgotten about in the description either.

    It had been my intention to have the lining of the bag replaced by LV, but I cannot do that because the canvas is cracked and it has been repaired (or attempted to be repaired) by a party outwith LV. After some advice from the folks over at the LV forum, I emailed the seller and told her I was not happy and that the condition of the bag was not as described. I also opened a PayPal dispute. The seller replied to my email, with no apology or comments about her false description but simply a message that said, 'no problem, return the bag and I'll refund you'.

    Since Sunday evening I have asked the seller THREE times for her address to return the item. She has yet to send me the information that I need to return the bag. Although she HAS offered me a refund, the last piece of correspondence I received from her was this:

    "Good evening, you have in your possession an original Louis Vuitton bag, which i listed as used, however in good condition, which the bag is, hence the price you paid £155, other louis vuitton bags are being sold as used for £ 300, a new one would cost in the region of £500, which was the price i paid, therefore you have a bargain, the strap to my knowledge has not been restitched as you previously stated, and the canvas is hardwearing, with no cracks as you have stated.
    However as a sign of good will i will accept a refund, but i am not prepared to incur all postage charges, as my description was accurate (check my feedback)for all items sold
    You bought a used bag, but appear to want a brand new one at a fraction of the price!
    If you wish still to return, i will still accept, but as already stated not to incur over £10 worth of postal charges as well
    Kind regards"

    I received this last night at around 9pm. I immediately replied and told her that the condition of the item is absolutely as I describe it. I also separately emailed her photographs that I had taken of the item's condition (the same ones I posted here at tPF in the LV forum) and again, I asked her for her address to return the item.

    As of 9pm this evening, I have had no further reply from the seller so I have escalated the PayPal dispute to a claim. Since I opened the dispute, the seller has not made any response to it - she has only ever contacted me through email and eBay messaging.

    I have told PayPal in my message when I escalated to a claim that I will cooperate by sending them all correspondence from the seller plus the photographs of the item, but I'm now worried that the seller will somehow allege that I have caused the damage. She has outright denied that any of these faults with the bag even exist, which has stunned me.

    Sorry about the horrendous length of this post. I'm just very disappointed and stressed out about my first real negative eBay experience - and over a bag I was very excited about buying!

    Thank you so much in advance for any advice or assistance.
  2. OP, please only communicate with the seller within eBay's messaging system and not personal email, just so you are ensuring that eBay/PayPal has full access to these messages. Also, I think you should have filed with eBay instead of PayPal because eBay has a SNAD claim. (Significantly Not As Described) But now that you have filed with PayPal you can't file with eBay as well, it's one or the other.

    As far as the postage goes, I think you would have to take a hit for the postage to send back to the seller. But if the claim is settled in your favor, then PayPal will refund you everything. Follow all of PayPal's instructions to the T! Don't deviate from PayPal, since any other than PayPal's instructions can cause you to lose the claim.

    Good luck and best wishes!

  3. If you had filed with Ebay they sometimes will pay for the return costs. But since you filed with Pay Pal, the return costs will be on you and please be sure to get tracking and if the amount is over US $250.00, get a signature upon delivery.

    Cracked canvas on an LV cannot be repaired by LV. They will do NO repairs at all on an item that has cracked canvas. That is their company policy.

    So I agree that this item is not as described and filing for a refund is appropriate. And there is no way that you could have cracked the canvas (and had it repaired??) in the short time you had it - that's just ridiculous.

    So only communicate via Ebay's message system - for purposes of returning the item.
  4. BTW, when Pay Pal instructs you to return the purse they will give you the address on file with Pay Pal of the seller that you should return it to.

    Only return it to that address.
  5. Yes. If you call paypal and tell them your information, they will tell you their paypal address. I have done that.
  6. Always use the Ebay messaging system to communicate. I was recently sold a COUNTERFEIT BAL from a seller in the UK, and I was very persistent and communicated only via Ebay messaging. Make sure that when you do return it, return the bag to the address that Ebay's resolution center will provide you (the seller will give Ebay res. center the addy) and make sure that you insure it, mark it properly for customs, get tracking, and ABSOLUTELY get a signature. NO EXCEPTIONS. Make sure that you save all documentation, photos, etc. It took me almost a month, but I got my money back. Do NOT, under any circumstances, ship the package back to other any other way. Cover your butt, and make sure that you stick to your guns. Good luck!
  7. I think you should prevail quite easily on the claim as the seller has agreed to a refund. I would ask PP to help you because you don't have the address to return the item. I would also send an em to seller telling her that pursuant to your mutual agreement, you are returning the bag because the condition is not as described. You have tried to return the bag but cannot do so because seller has not provided her address, which you have requested multiple times and which you are requesting again by this email.

    Hopefully that will snap her out of it, but try to contact PP for the info anyway. Always communicate with her via eBay messaging system. Good luck!
  8. Canvas cracks across the top are a common problem with the Musette range; perhaps caused by overloaded bags.

    The seller will have 10 days (if memory serves) to issue some form of response to your claim so it's just a case of having to wait it out I'm afraid. Should PayPal decide the claim in her favour then you will have to absorb the costs of shipping it back to her although you will be refunded your original shipping costs. As you have now raised the claim, wait for PayPal instructions before going any further. Even if she emails you again offering a refund, ask her to update the PayPal claim to that effect and then follow PayPal's instructions. If you are instructed to return, ensure you send the item back by Special Delivery.

    Was this seller a business seller or a private seller? Auction or BIN? Both affect your consumer rights seeing as you're in the UK.
  9. Thank you for your replies, everyone. They are much appreciated.

    I am a member of eBay UK, I don't know if the claims process is different to that of eBay in the US or elsewhere. I did go through the eBay site but I don't remember being offered the option of filing with them as opposed to PayPal. Can anyone offer any information about this?

    I still haven't heard from the seller. It's strange because she did offer a refund but after that she claimed that the bag was not in the condition that I have described to her. This is why I'm worried.

    According to PayPal, she has 8 days to respond before they take the matter into their own hands. Since the dispute was opened three days ago she has not posted anything in PayPal. I'll just have to wait it out, I guess.

    Thanks again for the support and advice.
  10. I'm also in the UK so only have experience of the UK system. Was the dispute raised via ebay or did ebay prompt you to go and sign into paypal and raise the dispute there? The principles are the same but ebay has an extra option of 'no fault refund' which paypal doesn't.
  11. ^ Vernis-lover, I wish I had known about this! I clicked through the options on eBay and filed via PayPal and don't remember being offered the opportunity to do so with eBay instead.

    I'm just posting a little update, which I've also done in my thread in the main forum - PayPal have ruled in my favour and I'll be refunded. I sent the item back to the seller this morning. I'm now out £9 basically for nothing, so I wish I had known to file through eBay instead. Unless the seller refunds me this too, which I highly doubt, she has some seriously negative feedback in her future.
  12. sad to say but even if you file through ebay you end up paying the shipping back to the seller
    happened to me with a SNAD on a Chanel Bag
    I read somewhere in extreme cases they will cover it but I guess it wasn't extreme enough that the bag was not the size or condition that she listed
  13. I'm glad they decided in your favour!! And after you get your money leave her a big fat neg!!
    BTW: did you also check her feedback through toolhaus? Maybe she had some negs before?
  14. I intend to leave a negative. She's hands down the worst seller I've ever encountered. Not only has this been a total hassle for me, but there's been no hint of an apology and she's actually been quite rude to me.

    What is toolhaus? Her eBay feedback profile was 100% positive - that's why I didn't expect any of this!

  15. Just wanted to update this since so many of you were kind enough to ask how the claim was progressing - I received the money back into my bank account today. Thank goodness that's over!

    I'm now out of pocket by £9.00 ($14.00) which isn't as bad as things could've turned out, but I'm still pretty pissed off that I've had to pay for the pleasure of receiving a duff item not as described and having to deal with a rude seller who accused me of lying about the condition of the item!

    If I were her, after the rest of her very poor performance I'd have tried to accommodate the buyer by offering at least a partial refund on the return postage, but - unsurprisingly - nada. PayPal and eBay couldn't help me with claiming back these costs either. At least I've had all of my original payment returned to me.

    Now I'm going to try to compose a piece of feedback for her. Unfortunately I can't say all I want to say in just 80 characters.

    Thanks to everyone who helped me out with this!! I love tPF! :smile: