1. I'm really not one to complain but I'm kind of disappointed in the quality of my pomp. I was very excited to get this because I love the bag but the first one I got the wrist strap broke so I had to send it in for a replacement. No big deal...it happens. But now the zipper pull has fallen off. It seems that where the pull and the zipper are connected is not closed. Again it seems like not a big deal but if I'm paying $100+ for a bag I expect not to have to worry about issues like this. I really don't want to keep sending it in for a replacement. I have now canceled my pilot orders because of these issues. I do love the bags but can't stomach paying for something that is going to continue to break.
  2. On a side note...I must say I am impressed that my issues were taken seriously and have been addressed. So thank you for listening to your customers and making it right. 😃
  3. What happened? They sending you a new one?
  4. I'm happy they're taking care of you. I hope you can enjoy your pomp.
  5. bbb - That sounds like Clutched's Pomp - faulty strap and bad zipper pull. :sad:
  6. Bbb- that is tooo bad. I hope the QC improves.
  7. BBB-- Don't give up on HH yet! I'm sure that their CS will make it right for you.

    Sometimes these things happen; after all, things break from time to time. I'm sure that they'll exchange it easy-peasy or refund you.

    I DEF. wouldn't swear off the pilots, though! They're my faaaaaavorite!
  8. I will probably get one (or four LOL) I was just very frustrated at the time.
  9. Update: I 'thought' this problem was resolved and a solution was proposed to me and i was glad they decided to make it right...well a month later and I have still not received my replacement. I. I can not spend my money (and a lot of it) on products that keep breaking and on promises that are not honored. Sorry to be a downer but I will be taking my business and money elsewhere. I'm glad to hear of all the positive experiences that people have but mine has not been so I must move on.
  10. I'm so sorry that you didn't get your replacement. :sad:
  11. That's a shame, BBB! I'm sorry you didn't get your replacement. Did you email them about it? They should've followed through and just sent it to you but I wouldn't be afraid to message them about it. They probably want to smack me sometimes I'm such a nag.