1. I called the Coach store yesterday, I asked if they had the striped wristlet in. The SA said yes, that she just put some out.... Today I got there right when they opened and it was not there. I asked and the SA told me "We haven't gotten those in yet"
    This happened to me one other time there. Are they supposed to say yes to everything to get people in?

  2. awww!! did you talk with the manager? they are a few SA's at coach that lie. make sure next time you call to ask for their managers, or if you know their name just ask for them
  3. Awwww, maybe she thought it was another item. =(
  4. Yes, it might be what kathyrose said. Hopefully we're right for giving them the benefit of the doubt, but half the time I go there I know more then the SAs LOL.
  5. Honestly, did you say legacy striped or just striped? She could have thought you meant striped and referred to the signature stripe wristlets.

    Also, I've never ever told anyone we had something we didn't have and I always make sure to check before I even say yes or no and offer to order it over the phone if I don't have it.
  6. I was specific, I said legacy and zip topped. I like to think it was an honest mistake. On the phone she did bring up the bags, which I do like that big striped tote but that wasn't what I was calling for.
    I didn't leave empty handed though, I did purchase an initial charm. : )
  7. Hmmm...I've never been lied to by a Coach SA but dept. stores are another story LOL. When you went there did they offer to order it for you & have it shipped to your house? That would have been nice of her to offer it with free shipping since it was her mistake.
    The legacy stripe tote is too cute...it's so huge when I used the try it on feature. It would make for a nice beach summer tote.
  8. Aw :/ I'm sorry to hear! I know my store JUST got those in today too so possibly she put them away and didn't open one to put out?

    The initial charms are too cute!! I want a few! (esp. the picture frame one)