Disappointed with yoogi's closet

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  1. I recently purchased my Mahina from Yoogi's but the item was not as described. It had a pen mark at the back and scuffs and scratches that weren't mentioned in the description. In the past, Yoogi's would happily issue a 10% discount.
    This time, they refused and they're asking me to return the item.
    I do not want to return it, of course as I'm already in love with it.
    It's just disappointing that they don't care about their customer's satisfaction as much as they did in the past. I've purchases multiple times from them and you'd think they would try to keep my business, right? Apparently not.
    This will be my last Yoogi's purchase.
    To those contemplating purchasing from Yoogi's, just make sure you inspect your item because they list "like new" on a "gently used" item. it's misleading.
  2. I'm sorry this happened to you. It's strange they would rather you return the item than give you the discount .. maybe 10% will eat into their profit?
  3. It's a Coquille Mahina I recently revealed on here, listed for $3,000. I used a $50 coupon code which they sent along with my last purchase. I told them if you can't give "additional" discount, take off that $50 and price the item appropriately.
    If they meant "additional" because it's lower than retail, that's not a discount because the item is used.
    and even though I'm complaining, I love the item too much to return it.
    I'm just disappointed.
    I told them they may have missed these scuffs and pen mark because it's nude so the light reflects off of it. but I showed them photos under natural lighting and they still insist that they can't issue a discount but that I can return the item and they'd happily take it back.
  4. I know its annoying, but it is pre-loved and I think sometimes our expectations are too high. Plus, how can they prove that it was there and that the buyer didn't do it. And I guess if you think of how many other people are trying to squeeze back that 10% refund, on bogus complaints or phantom marks, maybe they are just fed up and this is why they would just prefer to have the bag back.

    PS don't forget to do a reveal I would love to see your gorgeous bag. Congrats.;)
  5. I already did a reveal.

    oh my goodness! why would I put a pen mark on my own mahina! though it's pre-loved, I'm shelling out $3000 for it. I'd have a heart attack if I did that myself.

    they usually put on the description "there's a scuff on the undersides of the handles but only noticeable upon close inspection" --I would have then expected that. my purchase was only described "clean and excellent throughout". a pen mark does not fall under "clean and excellent"

    had I not fallen in love with the piece. I would have sent it right back. but I don't want to because it's hard to find it in this color. it's my HG and I've been looking for it all this time...
  6. Wow! I am very sorry to hear about your experience..this does not sound like Yoogis at all...I've always been happy with my items that I've bought from Yoogis and I have bought a lot of items from them. Maybe you can write them email stating the above and asking them to reconsider the discount. I would think they would agree rather than lose a customer..I'm sorry the bag did not work out, it looked very pretty!
  7. I've been trying to and I also don't understand why they won't budge... :sad:
  8. I have noticed that sometimes all flaws are not in the description but there will be a picture of the flaw. I read both the description and check out the pictures...I still find their description and pictures are better than many other preloved sites.. Where is the pen mark?
  9. If you are not 100% on it, I would just return it. If the defects really bother you it is a lot to pay for a bag that you are not completely satisfied with... so sorry that happened!

    I once got a Bal bag from Yoogi's with a large blue pen mark near the top zipper. This was not mentioned in the description and I did call to tell them. The apologized up and down, and I just returned the bag. In this case, the bag was anthracite in color though, so it would have been easier to overlook.

    Let us know how it goes...
  10. That's really unfortunate. I'd have a hard time enjoying my bag knowing that I was mislead, I'd have to return. The sad thing is, I'm sure that the discount has been abused and lead to them taking it away. It's a tough call because I completely understand your side and you do deserve the discount in this case. But I also understand them taking the option away after having it abused. The bad apples ruin it for everyone.
  11. It wasn't in the listing either.
    here's the listing


    It only said:
    "The exterior is clean and in excellent condition throughout. The hardware has very minor hairline scratches but is still crisp and bright. The interior is clean with no visible signs of use."
  12. here's the pen mark,
    at the back by the closure.

  13. here's the scuff by the bottom feet. where the leather have already peeled.

  14. here's a scratch on the leather tab on the closure which I took under natural lighting.

  15. 3000$ to be dissappointed is no good😳😳😳. It's a lot of money for something that will bug you, why not just return it while they are willing ?
    That's a lot of money , to settle for less , we know that you are buying a pre loved but for that much money they should look at all the flaws and be accurate on the condition 😔I'm sure you won't buy that if those flaws was mention in the discription . I'll return it if that's me ( IMO)