Disappointed with usps!


Jan 20, 2009
I purchased a bag off eBay and the seller shipped an hour after I paid, great right? Not because I said I needed to pick it up on Monday from an american shipping center since I live in Canada and there is no sign of when it will be delivered. Expected delivery was today and no tracking has changed in 2 days. Its in PA and that's 3 hours from where I am having it delivered today. I was hopeful maybe tracking would change over night but nothing. Also it was shipped on the 9th. I wish I could have offered to psy more for shipping but it was free and I thought it wouldn't take this long. I don't know when I'll be able to get back to the states and I was so excited to get the bag. Thanks for letting me vent my frustration:sad:


Jun 24, 2013
I have been very happy with USPS - all of my items have arrived exactly when they were expected to and they were tracked and updated every step of the way. I know that there have been a lot of threads saying the opposite, but so far I have been lucky. I hope it arrives on Monday for you - there is still time!


the boonies of illinois
Mar 14, 2006
the boonies of illinois
I recently had a bad expecrience with USPS: I mailed a certified letter on a Tuesday afternoon (close to $4.00 to mail a dinky business letter) and the destination was less than 4 hours away. Since I paid for certified, I could watch its "progress."

Expected delivery was to be Thursday; on Friday it still was not delivered, and I finally had to call my local PO on Monday to get an actual human involved (their "customer service" line is a joke--all the automated voice did was repeat the info I could already see online). My local Postmaster was as helpful as she could be (I could tell she was irked at this mess), she placed calls and eventually, the letter showed "delivered" on Wednesday, over a week after I had mailed it! At least I could see its progress, how many other pieces of mail just never get "there."

Every time there's one of those news stories about a letter that is suddenly delivered 45 years after it was mailed, all they focus on is who sent it, what was the back story, etc. They NEVER try to find out where the heck the darn letter has been for nearly half a century.

I hope you get your item, and you probably will, it is just so frustrating with the USPS sometimes. We recently had a new mail carrier assigned to our neighborhood--as he was walking across a lawn (heaven forbid they use the sidewalks, but that's another story), nearly all his mail fell out of his bag, and he didn't notice it! My neighbor yelled at him "hey postman--you dropped all the mail!" :faint:


Dec 28, 2007
USPS has been slow and having issues with their tracking lately. However - depending on your package was sent - it might be on schedule. Parcel class is usually slower than Priority, and we had a postal holiday this past Monday.

Also, if the "expected delivery date" is coming from eBay, those are notoriously bad - they almost always say a package should be expected several days before it actually should.


Apr 11, 2009
USPS tracking has been terrible recently. I had a package not track (no estimated delivery or anything) until 4 PM today (the day of delivery, mind you the packaged delivered at 2 PM). I had sent a messaged the seller Friday evening after they closed to see if they had an estimated date of delivery because the package required signature confirmation and I wanted to make sure someone was at home. I just sent a sheepish message to the seller to apologize for needlessly messaging them and to disregard my email!