Disappointed with the Quality of Givenchy Pandora

  1. So glad to hear...pepe is one of the best leathers hands down
  2. What a testimony!
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  3. Agreed! My dark brown goatskin Pandora is a tough cookie. A handsome, luxe, sturdy and delicious smelling but inedible cookie!
  4. I'm so pleased you are happy with your new Pandora :yahoo:

    I have to say that in my experience Givenchy bags are superbly made - I was a die hard Balenciaga fan but Givenchy quality and workmanship beats them hands down IMO ;)
  5. I've got to agree with this. I spilled coffee on my new sage pepe, not once but twice, this weekend :cursing: and I patted with water, and a few tense moments :sweatdrop: and it was fine! :okay: Though I've learned my lesson - not to have my bag on my lap when opening a travel coffee mug in a moving car!!!!

  6. living dangerously! pepe is tough, but twice in one wknd is def testing its limits, but happy to hear it survived.
  7. Hi ladies!
    I intend to buy a watered leather Pandora in camel on an Italian site.
    Do you know if it's what you call pepe leather and if it's sheepskin?
    On some American sites....they say it's lamb....
    I'm lost now.
    On the other hand I am scared of colour transfer.
    What do you think?
  8. Sorry ...I meant washed leather...not watered.....
  9. I really loved my pandora too, I just got it a month a go and it was a good deal 40% off:yahoo: I haven't changed bag since I got my panda. I just saw the zipper part and it's YKK. It bothered me a while but after I read all comments, I think I'm still happy with my purchased. One thing that bothered me is the bottom part ( the lining is a bit unstructured for me) and looks slouchy. Are all pandoras look the same like that? by the way, mine is large and I'm not sure about the leather, it's not wrinkled but looks like that to me:lol:
  10. YKK zippers are excellent quality!
  11. Just a note about YKK. I see why you might look down on YKK but you should not. YKK has many different grades and types of zippers - from very high end to industrial to waterproof to relatively inexpensive.

    The company is the largest manufacturer of zippers in the world with facilities across the globe (including America). You cannot just assume that a Lampo or Riri, Opti, IPI etc is better quality. YKK just seems to have more diversified product line-up.
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    Question regarding my 2012/2013 Black mini pandora (sheepskin) - I purchased gently used and is in great condition. However I was surprised to find some of the gold tone hardware has slightly faded. Has anyone with an older bag and gold tone hardware had the same experience?
  13. I don't have a Panda with gold tone hardware, but my Obsedia bag (sheepskin) does. Its hardware has faded slightly but I think it adds to the overall look of the bag. What you can watch out for is oxidation (when the hardware has these rust brown splotches).
  14. Ah, ok. Thanks for the info! Makes me feel better! Just wanted to make sure it had been properly cared for and will be properly cared for. :smile:
  15. Just browsing through old forums, and I too have some sort of distaste for the general YKK zipper. Since every bag, starting from those horrible plastic concoctions you can buy in every beach around the world have them. Atleast order a special variety of zippers from the manufacturers that doesn't have the obvious markings.

    I am however more acceptable towards cotton and linen, especially if insides can be pulled out. Leather dents, marks and scratches so easily that a person like me, who always forgets to shield my pens and throws keys without pouches inside, can try and clean cotton better.