Disappointed with Spring/Summer Bags

  1. Bummer for me too that S/S line isn't too exciting.

    I'm trying to find a bag in the quilted "oak" color that will work for me. I think the "belt tie" probably looked better on paper than in execution. The Bruna size is great, but dragging that belt around on the ground, or clanging against things doesn't seem like such a great idea.
    I also like bags that can stand up on their own too, and it was very telling that everything I picked up at Nordies started a "line of destruction" as the bags toppled over!! The SA said they were having such a problem getting the new MJ bags to "stay".:rolleyes:

    If it existed, I could get VERY excited about a Blake in quilted Oak.

    The Mercer line is way too slouchy for me, so that's off the list.

    At Nordies they also had the Block quilted hobo. I thought it was exquisitely made, but couldn't quite think of where I'd use it. I think the Mina or pouchette would be lovely for evening.
  3. The Nordstrom in Tyson Corners, VA had some stams. You may want to give them a call to see which ones they still have.

    kiss_p - the stams you saw are probably from the Resort Line. Were they yellow, black or brown? Those are the only colors our Nordstroms have & they're not from S/S -- she confirmed it for me yesterday. They aren't getting any stams for S/S 08.

    i wasnt really that into any of theh s/s bags either- but now that i have my hands on the mercer ew tote- i'm really loving it.

    yes please - I saw your pics after I created this thread. I agree that the ew tote is very pretty and I do like it. If I found one on sale, I'd probably grab one up (being Indigo is another big plus!). I did like that bag when I saw it on MJs site, but it's not a bag that makes me go WOW! I have to have it. Although, like the Gray, it's on my radar.

    That's what I meant -- there's really nothing this season that makes me go WOW!! or drool with anticipation. Nothing that I just can't wait to get my hands on. Maybe I'm a f/w girl too - I never really thought of that. That I'd prefer one season to another. The bags in my collection are from a variety of seasons and I don't think I've ever favored one season to another.

    Like I said, I really LOVE several of the colors, but wished they were available in different styles. I loved the Oak color & how it's multi-tonal. Just don't like those bags with the straps. The Cecelia is an OK bag, but I don't like that black strap. I just can't see paying over $1k for a bag with a webbed nylon strap. And don't even get me started on the fluro bags -- Not a single color appeals to me. And the color block bags - they are gorgeous. I loved the hobo, but the leather felt too much like sandpaper. If I found on sale, again, I might grab one up -- but I don't imagine it's bag I'd be reaching for over & over again or have a hard time putting away once I start using it -- like my Petrol Stam. As much as I can't wait to use my Hudson, Im' having a hard time putting my Petrol Stam away. But at the same time, I can't wait to put my Hudson into use. None of the s/s bags make me feel like that and MJ's ALWAYS done that for me -- I'm just sad that MJ's not my first choice this seaon!
  4. I feel the same. Nothing this season I have wanted to buy.

    Some of the designs are cute, but what I consider the downturn in the quality of the leather was really a disappointment. The leather and the quality details were what attracted me to MJ in the first place so to have so many of them go missing has really bummed me out.

    I think some of the bags the other ladies here have got are cute but there is nothing that has moved me enough to pay full price (and usually there are like at least 5!)

    so yes, I'm with you. Hoping for the best with the large blake next season!
  5. I saw the neon bags today at Nordstrom. Definitely too bright for me. I couldnt work it :supacool: I did see the Bag on a bag, but $2600 is way too rich for my blood. The new venetia with the nylon strap just seems odd to me. the front pockets are zip pockets like the PW venetias but in soft calf leather. The leather also seems not as luxurious feeling as the originals. And then of course there's that seat belt attached to it :p I'm really loving the e/w tote yes.please bought. saw it in navy and whatever that cream shade is called. The navy looks waaaay better. Also, I really like the dark grey on one of the Soft bag styles, but just not the style. i really hope they release this color on a stam or venetia...
  6. Really curious to see these bags IRL. I have a feeling I might be underwhelmed, too. Not that it would be a bad thing! It would give my wallet a break until Fall when, hopefully, there will be some drool-worthy bags to get our heats racing.

    I am going to try to stop into Nordstrom today, if I get a chance.
  7. this made me laugh jess. althought laughing hurts like :cursing: after having those teeth pulled yesterday.

    this definitely sounds like something i would do too btw!
  8. I thought I was done with MJ bags after he came out with the large patchwork line! But the other night, while walking through Nordies, the Bruna caught my eye. I was impulsive and bought the Bruna in plum. :smile: It's really roomy and has no problem standing on its own (I know one PFer was concerned about this issue). I love the belt in the front. The fact that it doesn't have a shoulder strap bothered me at first, but it's really not that bad. I mean the stam doesn't exactly have a shoulder strap either except for the chain which hurts my shoulder using anyways.

    I don't know the names of the other bags, but I'm not feeling the double bag purse idea. There also the neon colored kangaroo skin bags...they're cute, but I don't see myself walking around with neon colors.
  9. ^^^Oh WOW, I think that the bag is CUTE! The belt/buckle is different and I don't think that I would mind it either. I am so glad that you are loving the bag! You must post pics in the reference section. Congrats!
  10. Well, I'm a MbMJ fan, but I have to say that I'm very disappointed with his spring/summer bags, too!