Disappointed with service at Prada

  1. Hi all, I was a little disappointed with the service at Prada today, Although the staff are lovely. My Prada store is not free standing, its in a Department store called Selfridges, its just like Saks. Anyway I bought a Prada Nylon toiletry bag that was on sale. Although the bag was cheaper than usual, it was still very expensive for a toiletry bag. The bag was just put into a carrier bag and given to me. No dustbag, no wrapping....nothing like the Louis Vuitton Store.

    I have never shopped at the Prada store before because it has mostly womens bags on the Prada "stand" so I usually get my Prada's from eBay or accessories from Harvey Nichols (another department store). Anyway I was very disappointed. Is this regular practise at the Prada store or was it because I bought a sale item or because my Prada store is not free standing ??.

  2. Well...all I can tell you is I recently bought a nylon Prada cosmetics bag at Neiman Marcus...and I had the same experience - no dustbag, although it was wrapped in tissue before being put in the shopping bag. I was a bit dissapointed...but dismissed it, since I wasn't really buying it with the same frame of mind as a $2000 bag!
  3. here is the bag I bought
  4. The only thing thats gets me is that it shouldnt matter how much Im spending, Im still buying at Prada. When I go Louis Vuitton, even If I buy a book for $24, my SA puts it in a box, gifts wraps it etc. and Im very happy with the service there.
    Now I have to buy a dustbag from eBay so I can have one for this bag. I really do like the bag and the colour, but I dont think I will be using that Prada store again unless I have to lol. :flowers:

  5. That stinks..sorry! I don't have a Prada boutique or store in my area (not until Nov! :yahoo:) so haven't experienced that yet. I only buy from Saks from my usual SA there and she always does a great job wrapping, etc.

    Maybe next time you buy from them, ask them if they can package it up for you nicely. Never hurts to ask.
  6. thanks, I think I may do that next time :flowers:
  7. Prada cosmetic cases don't come with dust bags, even when purchased at free standing boutiques or at full price.
  8. Nice bag, socialite !!
  9. thankyou, I really like the colour, I would love a messenger in this colour :flowers:
  10. i just had to add something to what you said. i went to lv and bought paper for my agenda. it was $18, so it wasn't a big sale (obviously). and he boxed it up and loaded me up with catalogs. and he acted like i had just bought the most expensive thing in the store- it was SO sweet.

    so it saddens me that you had to take a step back, so to speak, with cs.
  11. exactly.

    if there's no dust bag, what else can they do besides put it in tissue and in the shopper bag? :confused1:
  12. thankyou, I know exactly what you mean. Even if I buy a catalogue for $14 (you have to pay for them over here)...its allways gift wrapped and Im sooooo happy with the service there. :flowers:
  13. well at Louis Vuitton and many many other brands, even if you buy something really cheap, then its giftwrapped and even put into a box. I was under the impression that Prada was one of the top designer brands with Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes but If they cant even wrap something up for me or include a dustbag then I would rather buy from Ebay. I love Prada and I own a couple of bags and will probably buy more in the future but I didnt get the service I expect at a store like this.
  14. I did buy a toilletry case, and it did come with a dust bag, but it was plastic. (clear plastic, with drawstring, printed with the rope insignia) It looked so cheap that I wanted to say "keep that thing". So I think you guys are cool with not having a "dust bag".

    Have to agree with LV though. Their packaging is gorgeous!
  15. I'm sorry that you were disappointed with Prada.

    I do agree though that Louis Vuitton packaging is wonderful. Louis Vuitton is in a league of it's own though.