Disappointed with RM Customer Service Today

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  1. RM just tweeted about F&F and I go on the site and fall in love with the Perry in Red Croc. Since all sales are final I wanted to get info from the ladies here or check it out at Neiman's to gauge size. I was worried it might be heavy

    A mere 3 hours later, Customer Care says they are sold out BUT they are getting more in next week. HOWEVER, F&F will be over and I will have to pay full price. I asked if I could pre-pay now with the discount and have it shipped when it arrived. They said no. Seriously like I am going to pay full price for this $600 bag next week. I know Coach would let you do this with their 25% events. I was really bummed and surprised that they would not accommodate.

    I just hope the bag weighs a ton and then I won't feel so bad :sad:
  2. Oh that is ridiculous they could at least extend the offer to you since you took your time to email them.
  3. This is really stupid of them, I don't get why some stores are so understanding and customer-friendly and then there are stores like THAT. :sad:
  4. I was looking at the perry satchels too this morning and then by lunch time, it wasn't showing up any more. :sad:
  5. Keep your out they restock items sometimes.
  6. Crazy. 99% stores honor rain check since you did try to buy it during the sales period. I would be bum too.
  7. Then they came back in stock with a note saying they were not eligible for F&F which was not there before.

    Does anyone have a full size Perry, are they heavy?
  8. Keep in mind RM is not a retailer with stores like Coach. RM.com is the only contact. That's why I never buy from her website. CS is atrocious.