Disappointed with my new Legacy Wristlet

  1. Hello everyone! Im new here, so let me introduce myself - Im a handbag lover from down under (Sydney, Australia) :shame:

    Just like all you guys, I happened to love Coach :yes: The problem is that we only have one Coach store in Sydney with a very limited stock :crybaby:

    Recently, I ordered a legacy wristlet from coach.com a picture of which is attached. I own a couple of various Coach handbags and accessories but I was not 100% satisfied with this purchase... The issue is that the "C" pattern is not matching flawlessly at the stichings like it is on my other bags (as can be seen on the sides of the wristlet)... Is it normal? I must admit that I had a greater expectation from Coach to ensure that the pattern is maintained accurate in places where two different pieces of fabric are stiched together... Had anyone else ever encounted the same problem?

    :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  2. ooo...that would bug me too. Dunno if it's normal, I don't have that style wristlet...but that turns me off personally. (to each their own though)

    if you're not 100% satisfied...return it. Nothing wrong with that. get something you love.
  3. I definitely think you've received a defective wristlet. I went to the website to check it out and the pattern is definitely lined up on that side 10 times better than yours.



    I would go back to the store and have them order a replacement. I'm sorry you were let down a bit, but sometimes this does happen - (((HUGS)))
  4. Mine looks exactly the same as yours and, to be honest with you, I never even noticed it until now.


    If it really bothers you you'll never be happy with it -- you should think about returning it. You could always return it for a leather one.
  5. oh that would bug me FOREVER since i am used to all C's matching up
  6. i like it, and i love the flap wristlet style. i'd be sad that they didn't match up, only if no one elses was messed up! if they are all like that, then it's probably not defective, perhaps just the cut/style of the wristlet.
  7. Wow, that would piss me off to no end.
    At that price it should be perfect. And if not perfect it should at least be as advertised.

    If I saw someone with that wristlet and didn't know any better, I would assume it was fake. :s
  8. I just got on eBay to see if I could find photos of another one for comparison and look what I found:

    eBay: COACH Legacy Signature Brown Wristlet NWT (item 130081645652 end time Feb-25-07 16:04:51 PST)

    I feel so sorry for the buyer - they paid a lot of money for that fake and they have absolutely no idea. That's one darn good fake (in a very bad way, of course).

    But, back to the OT, I really am happy with my wristlet. I never noticed that the CC pattern was off until now. It obviously didn't bother me before now and I don't think it ever will. :yes:
  9. it's 'off' in that the side flaps don't all line up with the main front piece - but the sides match up with each other it looks, correct? It's hard to write what I mean...but the parts that you at first don't think "match" are actually matching each other......grrrr - I can't explain it clearly enough!! Does that make sense?
    But - they do make it look more symmetrical on the website...not cool to show one thing and give customers another.
  10. i'm sorry to hear that with your wristlet...hope that the next one is ok!
  11. I see what your saying Waterlilly! If you look at it that way it does match up but it still looks bad. I have seen some like that on eBay and thought they were fake. There is one style of bag that does that but I cant remember which one it was. It was on the corners like on a pocket and wasnt that noticeable but that would bug the crap out of me.
  12. If it makes you feel any better, it looks like Ebay removed the listing. So I don't think the buyer got taken after all. :smile:
  13. I'd definitely call up Coach. For the money, you should absolutely love it. Those c's shouldn't be off like that! Hopefully you can talk to someone nice and understanding who will fix this for you.
  14. I reported it when I found it last night. The buyer had already paid, received it and left positive feedback. :sad: The buyer should have received an email from eBay when the auction was taken down - hopefully she'll question the seller about it and find out she got a fake.
  15. Thanks girls,

    I decided to leave it. The c's at the front actually match with the c's at the back... I just recon its not worth the bother over a wristlet. It will cost me another $20 to send it back to the US from Australia and even then I wont know what item i will get in return... Im just gona get over it :smile: