Disappointed with my ink box...

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  1. So I got the ink box from Barneys BH this weekend. It was my HG. Unfortunately, the leather was the worst! Very thin and crackly. Bummer! Although it pained me, I had to return it. Do you think the leather problem is a result of the year it was made (2006?) or is it just one bad bag? Makes me want to just stick to the 2005 and earlier bags!
  2. This was an issue with 06 s/s bags. However, not all, but chances are any that are left in stores are the less desirable ones.

    I'm sorry you were dissapointed. :sad:
  3. go_dragon - I'm really sorry to hear that your HG was not what it cracked up to be!
    I own 3 2006 b-bags - a ink twiggy, black city, a cornflower twiggy... I must say that I've used my black city so much that the leather is all beautiful now and my ink twiggy is finally getting to the same stage as my black city. But as for my cornflower twiggy - that i don't use much, still has a lot of cracks/veins... I find that the more you use your b-bags the more YUMMY and smooth they become.
    Don't lose hope in the NEW leather b-bags... It will only be a matter of time before you'll find another INK box!!! hehehe!!!

  4. so sorry that your ink box didn't work out for you. 06 had alot of varied leathers...thin and veiny to thick and luscious. i've had 2 ink twiggies in the past, and fortunately for me, they both had thick leather. the thin, crackly, veiny inks were not unheard of. i hope you find the perfect ink...good luck!
  5. i was just at barneys NY (on madison) this weekend and they had an ink box left.. didn't look too closely at the leather because i wasn't interested in the box. but the first had perfect leather! you might want to call them to inquire. leio (?) was the perfect sa! really knowledgeable about bbags. good luck!
  6. so sorry you are disapointed with the leather on your box. i have 3 ink bags and the leather are all different. i love the variation of the leather. look around because i am sure you will find one that you will love. good luck!
  7. :sad:Aww, sorry to hear you had to send it back.
    Will keep an eye out for another Ink Box:search:
  8. I'm so sorry for you.
    The SS06 leather has more variations than during the other years
    In 06 leather goes from worst to best ;) It's a matter of chance.
    Some 06 specimen are really great but I guess most of the 06 bags left in the store now are not the best...
    I really hope you'll find your HG in great shape soon.
    Fingers crossed.
  9. So sorry for you.. I love the older leathers better to.. But it varies a lot. I got the INK Coin Purse and it's leather is :drool: I know it is smaller, but still.. SO I believe it is possible to find INK bags with delicious thick leather..
  10. sorry to hear that
  11. I'm so sorry!! :sad: I have two 06 bags and neither are crackly, both of them have lovely sumptious smooth soft leather!
  12. if you dont like the veins...how about putting AG conditioner? :tup:
  13. that's unfortunate :sad:. i have an ink box but its leather is smooth and soft.
  14. I think this would help. I bought my Ink Twiggy from Barneys. All the ink bags at Barneys seemed to have the veiny-er leather, but I loved the color and wanted a new twiggy. I give it a once over with lotion when I take it out from the closet and before I put it away. It has really made a difference in the quality of the leather.

    moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!
  15. I've noticed that the inks sometimes have thinner leather as well.. I would definitely try moisturizing it if seems like it will help. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!