Disappointed with my Hollywood Keychain

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  1. I got a new Hollywood Keychain from elux this week, but sadly it is going back. The top of the camera was all scratched - I think it was just from getting shaken up in transit. I was very disappointed and didn't get a second one, because it looks like the little phone will always knock against the little camera.

    Has anyone else had this problem with the new keychains? I am going to get another Hermes charm with the money I get back from elux - I have never had any problems with those getting scratched.
    HPIM3337.JPG HPIM3338.JPG
  2. Ew. I haven't gotten mine yet, I'm waiting on my store to get them. I hope that doesn't happen to mine...
  3. awwww..will you exchange it??
  4. oh that is terrible how could they send that to you!! I hope get nice new keychain!!
  5. imho it wasn't worth it for something so tiny and delicate looking
  6. Oh no.. too bad about that, I hope that you get something that you will love tho ! :yes:
  7. that's too bad...hope you get something else you like..i thought i wanted a hollywood key chain, but maybe not anymore.

  8. No, I am just returning it. I am afraid the same thing will happen to the new one as well. :s
  9. ouch.. send it back!
  10. I saw them at the store, some of them have scratches already
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