Disappointed with my first Tano bag

  1. Hi everyone,
    I never know Tano until I joined this forum. I've been reading nice comments about how soft and light tano bags are. So, I ordered one (Analisa Crunch) from thatsourbag.com, it was one of the closeout sale item they are having. Their service was great! My bag was shipped the day I ordered.

    The bag came today and its a big disappointment for me. Firstly, I feel the color is dull (unlike the pictures i saw on the tano website). The leather is very thin, and its far from soft. I even feel there's a 'powdery' feeling when I touch it.

    So, for all tano fans out there... I'm wondering whether this is the kind of quality that Tano offers. I love their styles and bright colors but if this is the kind of quality i will be getting then i will probably pass on it. Or perhaps its because this is an older/sale quality bags?

    I include a pic of the bag I got. What do u think? inputs are comments are greatly appreciated! TIA
  2. My knowledge is that Tano has three kinds of leather: 'tag', 'wahsed', and 'crunch'. My experience is that the 'tag' and 'washed' are very soft, with 'tag' smooth and 'washed' slightly pebbled, but 'crunch' is not as soft as the other two, although more light weight. So it is very possible that people were commenting on the other two kinds of leather.

    I'm not sure about the color problem though. My Tano bags in 'crunch' leather have very nice colors, true to the description. Maybe somebody who has the same color might help you?
  3. What color did you order? Only pearl, ocean blue, and boot brown are available now. Your picture looks like it might be pearl, which is supposed to be a pale color. If you don't like it, you should definitely return it and put the money towards a bag you love. The website you bought it from also has the Jet Setter style (tag leather) in red, a bright color that might suit you more.
  4. that's actually the bag i wanted (in a different color though). sorry to hear you're disappointed w/ it, but i'm glad you posted cause now i have second thoughts. i am curious though of what others thought of the "crunch" leather.
  5. That bag does look very thin and crisp, like parchment. I think perhaps the other two kinds of leather they offer are better, but I am not expert.
  6. I prefer the butter soft "tag" leather to the "crunch" leather. I really like my black minilisa, but it is definitely a different leather than my bow dereks.

    If you don't like it, return it! Life is too short to settle when it is easy enough to return it & try something else.
  7. ::hyperventilating:: :wtf:

    I am literally stalking the UPS guy waiting for my Sex Bomb to arrive, it's also crunch leather. I don't want stiff leather!!!!!!!!
  8. I ordered three Tano bags, two in the washed leather and one in the crunch leather. I was very disappointed in the crunch leather and sent it back (it was too shiny and oily looking, looked fake). I love the two in the washed leather, though. Maybe you should send it back and try one in the washed leather or the new cloud leather that's coming for spring.
  9. Calling all Tano crunch leather owners: Does the crunch get softer over time with use? (I'm guessing that there's a reason they called it "crunch?")
  10. I have two Tano bags in Crunch leather and I think both are pretty soft. I'm not sure why yours is not.
    It definitely gets better and softer the more you use it.
  11. I have a Sex Bomb in red velvelt, of crunch leather. It is not stiff, but not soft as butter for sure. I think only the 'tag' leather deserves that 'like butter' description. The 'washed' leather is nice too, but no butter has that pebbled texture in my knowledge, :sweatdrop: As for crunch, crunchy butter is not butter as far as I'm concerned......
  12. Yup, this described the leather perfectly. The color i ordered was 'Creme brulee' from the thatsourbag.com but its more like tan (I wanted a french vanilla and thought that creme brulee was). I will definitely return it. :shrugs:

    I'm interested in the minilisa, for those of u that own it, how do u like it?

    And Thanks for all ur inputs! I really appreciate it.
  13. when I ordered, there was a creme brulee under the option, but its gone after i ordered it.
  14. Well, that's good to know. I've got a Sex Bomb being delivered tomorrow.

    DeAnna: Does it take a long time to soften? Thanks.
  15. My Sex Bomb is here!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    It's not stiff. It is shinier than I am used to, and I did see that it was when I ordered it but I got it anyway. I wonder if I LMB it if it will become softer and less shiny?

    This is the one I got: