disappointed with my first b-bag! :(

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  1. hi all,

    a friend got me a truffle first last week from Barneys seattle..but im really disappointed with the colour and leather! :sad: i was hoping for a blue india but there was none when he was in the store last wkend! i really want to get it exchaged or returned but im in australia! do u guys know if its possible to get it returned or exchanged if the bag wasnt purchased online?
    please help! :confused1:
  2. I'm really sorry :s to hear that you don't like your bag I think it's terribly hard to buy bal bags unseen as they differ so much in tone and leather even within the same color.
    I don't know anything about Barneys exchange policy but if you have a receipt I think you should be able to send it back. I would call them even if you're far away. It's always better to talk to someone in person and then back up with mail and or fax!
  3. I returned a bbag to Barney's, you have 30 days
  4. tylizee, please return your bag if your not happy at all and wait for the color and style you really want-it'll be so worth it. good luck and please keep us updated!!!!
  5. Don't keep a bag you don't love. You need to return it and wait to find what you really want.
  6. I think Barney's may not carry any BI bags but I know Aloharag has some still. Or they did last week. Check with them. I don't know what they charge for shipping to Australia but to ship to U.S. it is free. Return it and get what you really want. Good luck!
  7. Cult status (Australia) have BI bags as well. You should return the bag if you are not happy with it.

    Good luck tylizee!!!
  8. Aloha Rag ships free (US and International) for all orders over $500 USD. But since you live in Australia, you might have to pay custome/duties. However, they are willing to declare the value of the item for a lower price, so you don't have to pay as much duties.
  9. Barneys has 30 day return policy.
  10. It will be no problem to return to Barney's.

    I have to admit I have seen some NOT PRETTY Truffle bags. It was in fact at Barney's that I saw some Truffle that looked GREEN. I think the color varied a lot between bags and some of them are extremely textured (different than "veiny"... a texture that seems to be unique to Truffle, my bag has it).

    Don't hesitate in sending it back and getting a bag you'll love!!!
  11. Hey elongreach, I haven't seen you post in a while welcome back good point on the bag:yes:
  12. That is one of the good things about buying from Barney's or other big retailers - they have a great return policy. I agree w/Glimmer above - the truffle bags I have seen IRL are very dry and have inconsistent leather. But I have had success buying bags sight unseen from both Aloha Rag and BalNy - specifying to the SA exactly what type of leather I want. Return it and get the purse you will love!
  13. I'm so sorry that you didn't like it. Yes, definitely exchange or return it, for that amount of money you should have a bag you love.

    Please don't let this put you off B-bags, though. At Barney's I have seen the same style/color bag vary tremendously in leather texture and shade, and it makes a huge difference in the overall look of the bag. I'm sure that when you see one in a great color and texture, you will feel differently...

    Good luck sweetie! :biggrin:
  14. thanks so much guys! :smile:

    i was really worried about not being able to return it..the colour is really disappointing! no idea why my friend got it- he describes the colour as 'unique'?! :confused1: gonna try to return it soon and try to get one from aloha rag!
  15. I saw the Truffle for the first time this past week at NM Scottsdale and they had several styles and there wasnt one I liked. The color seemed "blotchy" and alot of white was showing thru. They DID have a BI First, Day and Part Time though. And all were awesome. Especially the Day.