Disappointed with my effie sale purchase

  1. So I was looking forward to receiving my purchase today and couldn't wait to get her! Unfortunately the inside suede flap had some dirty marks and looked completely handled :sad: I ordered from mulberry house of fraser but sadly she will need to go back.

    So sad :sad:

    I hope everyone else isn't disappointed!
  2. Oh no CP, I'm really disappointed for you! Are you going to try to find another one?
  3. That's rubbish CP. The one I seen today on display in Edinburgh had biro mark on the outside at the front - shocking! Don't know if they had any more, but they had them in HOF glasgow and mulberry Glasgow too. I quite liked them :smile:
  4. Oh no, how disappointing for you! Why do they send bags out like this, it's really not good enough!!
  5. I specifically told the SA I wanted one in perfect condition and she said there was one in the store room in addition to the display.

    It was meant to be a little treat post yet another exam but she will have to go back.

    I don't think I will look for another one as I am now afraid it would wear very badly and I like my bags to remain pristine.

    Might save some more and get a never full!! It is bomb proof, I love the appearance of DE and hope I don't get one with faulty straps!

    I hope everyone else gets good bags!
  6. Probably not as DH prefers my Darias and my fuchsia epi alma. He thinks the hardware on the effie looks 'cheaper' :sad: and can't see why I liked it in the first instance. But he said he will get me something in mulberry Heathrow when he is next passing through. :smile:

    Maybe it wasn't meant to be.

    That is shocking! Do they think people are blind?
  7. I know :sad: I feel sad.
  8. Oh dear - I feel for you honey - how disappointing.....:sad:
  9. What a lovely and understanding DH you have!! Bless him and you have him well trained!
  10. Oh no :sad: I feel sad for you... It's so disappointing :sad: I hope your dh gets you something very very lovely to make you happy :biggrin:
  11. Thanks for your support. You TPF ladies are lovely :smile: and so glad you understand.

    :biggrin: I do! He didn't seem keen when I said I would just get a never full! Hahaha. There is nothing in mulberry making me go wow at the moment. Maybe I have enough bags? Say it ain't so!
  12. Oh that's what I'm interested in the never full or Palermo, I've got a trip to London soon and hoping to have a good look at them. I read about faulty straps though on the LV forum x
  13. Oh no I feel for u-that is simply not acceptable....but on the bright side it was not meant to be an you will find something 10times better xx
  14. A girl can NEVER have enough bags!.....:biggrin:
  15. Oh no how annoying im sure you will find something much better.:smile: