disappointed with my 1st balenciaga...

  1. hello! short-time lurker, first time poster here...just purchased my very 1st balenciaga twiggy in black from balny and made the mistake of telling the sa it was my first time. i kindly asked her to pick out a nice one for me, something soft with evenly distressed leather.

    when i received it, it was without the box (although i realize they don't always come with one) and missing the extra tassels. it also looked like it had been handled quite a bit...and i found a small hair inside, which i told myself was probably from a customer just taking a look at it. anyway, i love the style but was disappointed with the leather--it was bone dry. the card said it was from '06. i kept it anyway b/c i didn't want to deal with the hassle of exchanging it. plus i thought maybe it was supposed to feel that way. but this weekend i felt a bunch of balenciaga bags at a local boutique and they were soooo buttery soft! i finally understand what all the fuss is about over the "smooshy" leather. i feel so duped, like they pawned off the dry-leather reject to a newbie.

    anyhow, now that i'm stuck with it, any suggestions on how to moisten up the leather? i've used apple conditioner several times but it hasn't done much. would lubriderm do the trick? any suggestions would be much appreciated...sorry for the novel--and nice to meet you all!
  2. Oh, no! Please don't settle for being disappointed with your first Bbag! There is absolutely no way that you should spend that much money on a bag and then not receive the full package of goodies like the extra tassles and box. From your description the bag also sounds used or like a display model.

    If you don't have luck with your SA, contact the store manager and explain your situation and disappointment. Either demand a full refund for your trouble or a new 2007 bag (plus they should pay for return shipping). Please just don't settle. You deserve a great bag.
  3. :tdown:
    Yikes, I totally agree. That is not acceptable, whatsoever. I am so sorry that you had that experience! Keep us updated. Like Chuggie said, deal with the manager if needed. (I might even consider dealing with the manager straight away) Good luck to you. Also, WELCOME!!!! :heart:
  4. I'm guessing the exchange period is over? I know that people have had good luck with Lubriderm and rolling their bags up into a ball and kneading them - perhaps someone will post the real instructions. I know I wouldn't hesitate to try the lubriderm.

    There are a couple of issues - dryness and smooshiness, I think. First, they do break in. They get smooshier. I don't think they get less dry, though.

    I know some people have really disliked AppleGuard so maybe you want to DC that.

    If the leather is dry and veiny, and you moisturize it, you may see a real difference (it will be sparkly and smooshy). There's this outer coating on the bags too, which breaks down over time. I've had my anthracity for about 3 months and am just now noticing how much more smooshy it is.

    Sorry to hear about the BalNY service problem, though.
  5. yakk....I hope that you can do somrthing with your BBag, like Melisande R. guessed, is it over the refundable period? If not, please go to BalyNY and change for the new one oh.....don't forget the extra tassel!!!! vbmenu_register("postmenu_3024119", true);
  6. thanks everyone for the sympathy and suggestions...yeah, the return/exchange period is over. and i've been using the bag every chance i get b/c i love the style/look.

    i did call balny as soon as i realized that it didn't come with the extra tassels and a very bored-sounding sa said it would be sent out. i received it the next week, stuffed in an envelope (not folded or in plastic at all)--no biggie, at least i got them. i also asked about the box and was told they don't all come with boxes.

    i guess you take your chances when you order over the phone--now i'm wary. so, hard (& expensive) lesson learned--be specific and don't let on that you don't know your stuff. next time i'll try aloharag.
  7. So sorry to hear about your troubles - don't let it put you off BBags though. Try to build up a rapour with an SA at another store or something, lots of ladies here will be able to advise you so that you can rest assured that they will select the best bag they can for you.
  8. Soz to hear of your bad experience - especially since it was your first! Please don't let this put you off Balenciaga, cos it'll be such a waste otherwise!

    Be sure to check the reference thread on caring for bags, and maybe you'll get some tips from there to baby your bag, and to make it smooshier and more to your liking.

    G'luck! :flowers: