Disappointed with eLuxury customer service..finally got my order today & it was wrong

  1. I ordered the Carnet de Bal in black and was so excited b/c I used the GOLD promotion for guaranteed arrival by December 23rd. Well it didn't get here by 23rd b/c FedEx messed up so I finally got it today. When I opened the box, no address book was included. I called eLux and they was arguing with me saying it didn't come with one...I finally called LV and that lady called eLux and told them what's up! But now I have to wait for them to ship me a new one after I mail mine back. So sad...I was really looking forward to getting this!:sad:
  2. That's too bad you didn't get what you were expecting!!!!! And then you have to wait longer to get the new one! I hope everything works out and that you'll be happy when you receive it!
  3. aww. i'm sorry about your experience! what a bummer..pls don't let that ruin your love for LV...
  4. I didn't know that the address book came with the Carnet de Bal; I always thought you had to buy it separately.
  5. Yeah, I think it's just about the only thing from LV that does come with an insert
  6. wow! i didn't know that. the carnet de bal is so cute! congrats!
  7. It's adorable piece, agreed, but I can't justify spending $210 on something that I'll never use~!
  8. i get mix feeling of e lux rep, Lorriane is my favorite one b/c she phone me the second Azur speedy is on Elux site, but others have poor LV knowledge.
  9. that's really annoying and makes their cs look like absolute crap i would file a complaint
  10. I've been fortunate with them so far, knock on wood.
  11. sorry to here that elux messed up. I hope everything works out okay!
  12. I'm sorry you had to argue with them!! But Steve is the best, he also gave me a call when the Azur 25 was available with free ship, and I ordered from some other lady and she gave me free shipping! I also hear good things of Doug too! :biggrin:
  13. Oh no, sorry about this.
  14. I also had a horrible mix up. I ordered the LV glitter keychain in GOLD twice and they sent me silver TWICE! I could not believe it. It was supposed to be here in time for Xmas and I called livid. They gave me a $25 gift certificate. I am calling when I re order for the gold and they better give me free shipping too.

    Good for you though for having LV call her!
  15. I am sorry this about that.