Disappointed with eBay purchase. What would you do?

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  1. I just received a mono speedy 30 from 2007 that was described as "pristine" and "unused." There are CLEAR signs of use including scuffing on all four corners. I've never been unsatisfied with an eBay purchase before so I don't know what to do. I paid $700 and I definitely would not have paid that much if I knew the bag was NOT pristine and DEFINITELY used.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394311801.355197.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394311835.802596.jpg
  2. It definitely looks used, scuffs on the corners, spots on the leaf. Did you contact the Seller re: the issues you have found since receiving? Does Seller have a return policy? Maybe you can work out something with the Seller to get half your $$ back, I don't know. I would definitely contact the Seller. Does the rest of the bag look ok (handles, etc.)?
  3. I would return it. :sad:

  4. I had the same thing happen to me...pristine condition and it wasn't. I decided the flaws would bother me too much, so I contacted the seller and she agreed to take it back. If the flaws are not something you can live with I would see if the seller will take back. If they refuse, open a case with eBay.
  5. Wow, definitely return!
  6. Did the seller show pictures containing the corners' conditions?
  7. So sorry dear to hear this. Can you return it. You can message seller that you want to return as item not as described. If seller does not want return then contact ebay. Open a case. Most of the time buyer wins. Then return item abd get refunded your money
  8. I agree with above. If the seller does not want to refund, Ebay's support would definitely help you out, especially when the item you received was not as described. I would definitely return it!
  9. Thanks everyone. The handles are in pretty good shape and the inside of the bag is clean. She did not post pictures of the corners (in retrospect I should have asked for them) but I think this would still qualify for protection as "not as described."

    I emailed the seller so I will see what she says. She originally said no returns but I gave her the option to resolve between us before opening a case.

    Certainly puts a bad taste in my mouth about buying from eBay!
  10. You can file a not a described case if she doesn't take it back
  11. Wow! I was obviously not looking in the best light when I said the inside was "clean." Gross!!! Now I am infuriated! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394313724.705636.jpg
  12. Oh my - that definitely is not "pristine" condition!
  13. You can see the interior staining and some corner wear in her listing photos, so it's surprising that she says that the bag has no stains, markings, or other blemishes. She also should not have listed the bag as "New without tags."
  14. :nogood:
  15. :rolleyes: hopefully your seller will take back the bag ...