Disappointed with Damier Speedy and couldn't force myself into buying anything!


cat hoarder
Aug 23, 2006
I know you;re not too keen on the speedy, but why dont you take a look at the mini lin speedy?
This is a saggy bag as well so if you don't like sag you won't like this. However, have you tried a purseket? They are fairly stiff and would help to hold the shape.
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Dec 13, 2006
I second the damier duomo. btw, my dh is Russian, I was thinking you were Russian bec. your name is Olga. I do have a damier speedy, it's my only LV bag and I love it, but it does not have a structured shape and sinks in here and there, but it works for me. Mono speedy 30 is next on the list but the vachetta is intimidating to me too, lol. I also heard the alma is more geared towards older gals, and the ones I've seen with it 'real' lol are my mom's age. I still like it and plan on getting an epi alma one day or a mono one if I can brave that leather bottom. Is there a small saleya, is that the right name? I do think you'll like the look of the duomo, it's handheld like an alma and speedy and structured, I think it's beautiful.
Mar 5, 2006
I have a Damier Papillon 30 and I LOVE it! I don't know if I'll ever love another bag as much as this one :smile: I don't like the Damier Speedy either but I ordered a Mini Lin Speedy 30 so I hope I like it! *crosses fingers* I think it'll look better saggy than the canvas bag (like the Damier or Monogram).